Young Adult (Holocaust Novel) ~ Anca's Story

by Saffina Desforges

Dare YOU read 'Anca's Story'?

Dare YOU read 'Anca's Story'?

Anca's Story

From SAFFINA DESFORGES, international best-selling British author of Sugar & Spice, and the Red crime thriller series (Snow White, Rapunzel), comes Anca's Story.
This is Young Adult fiction, but not as you know it.

"This is not easy reading, either in subject or style. Desforges takes us into a whole new writing style with this first-person telling of the last days of Auschwitz, and through the eyes of a twelve year old child.

Not since Anne Frank's Diary has the Holocaust story been related in such powerful fashion. And so timely, as we approach the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This book should be compulsory reading in schools and colleges."

"I started reading this book 2 days ago, and have now finished, as I couldn't put it down. What a powerful and breathtaking story, it keeps you hooked from the first page."

"I cried reading it and still can't get it out of my head 2 days after finishing it."

Dare you read Anca's Story?



Three young children smuggle themselves into Auschwitz in search for their parents.

If you're looking for werewolves, vampires and faeries and paranormal fantasy, try somewhere else. The only wolf in this story is very real, and the only connection with vampires is the distant Transylvanian mountains in Romania, where this story begins.

If you're looking for light-reading where they all live happily ever after then again, try somewhere else.

If you want serious, no-holds-barred literary fiction set against the background of real historic events then this is for you.

Saffina Desforges made her name writing hard-hitting crime fiction.

This book is about that most horrific crime of all: genocide.

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Jan 12, 2013
200th! Wow!
by: Saffina Desforges

Honoured! Thank you!

Jan 11, 2013
Anca's Story...Author Billboard
by: Psymon H

**Our 200th Author Billboard Book Promotion**

The fact that this book may not have a happy ending makes for an exciting read. The Black Caviar Book club would like to thank you for promoting your book with us and wish you the best with this project.

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