Urban Street lit: Poisonous Crimes of Passion

by Natasha Carmon
(United States)

Jaliea Adasen is a narcissistic modern day Messalina who wants the world and desires a provider of finances, security, loyalty, and love but she also desires someone who can make her feel alive. Not every man can ignite the fire within a woman, it takes a skilled practiced man who isn't afraid to take her there. Sometimes that man usually isn't the one she belongs to or should even be with. Raenel "Holllywood" Forsythe is that wrong man that feels right. Jaliea aka Poison seeks to use Hollywood and have her way with him and he will do anything she says sexually to put her into the financial stratosphere of wealth. Her poisonous love/hate relationship with Hollywood, and her destructive sexuality and street mentality, creates a deadly game of sexual crimes of passion against everyone in her circle and community; but is her sinister ways wreaking havoc on her health causing her to seep poison? Something's eating away at Poison and only time will tell if she can rid herself of the toxins of her existence. In this tale Poison gets to have her cake and eat it too maybe because she's the one that's calling the shots or is she?

Excerpt Chapter Two - Making Connections

A nice breeze was blowing the tops of the big palm trees and a hot beaming sun was toasting her Egyptian toned skin. Her hair was long, black and cascading down her back. Her body was perfectly petite, voluptuously full, and proportionate in her two-piece bikini as she lay on a beach towel tanning in the Florida sun. Her backside was round with smooth thick thighs, chiseled calves, and a waist so tiny a scarf could be tied around it. Her cheekbones were high to the sky with small almond slanted eyes like a Japanese geisha and pouty puckered lips that glistened with Mac gloss. Poison was a beautiful woman. Irresistible to many, she had grown into a woman full of fire and power.

Next to her was the man that had been with her since high school; the man she loved. He was a tall 6’2” powerhouse with a chiseled body that seemed to have been personally crafted from God’s hands. His skin was two shades darker than it had been when Poison first saw him. It was shiny, smooth, and flawless like melted tar. His perfectly aligned teeth were white and contrasted nicely against his dark covering. He would smile at Jaliea, and she couldn’t help but return the favor.

To be successful on two playing fields, Jaliea created two different sides to her: one slightly good and the other horribly evil. Jaliea was the good; Poison was dangerously black-hearted. By day, she was Jaliea filled with kindness and graciousness for all those at the hospital, but by night, she was Poison and gravely destructive. Poison was sinister and deadly like a newly formed raging disease without a cure.

She had an air about her. When she walked by, people could feel an energy that surpassed evil. Her existence seemed toxic. It seemed she could kill just by looking their way. Coal didn’t care for the Poison persona that much. He even hated the name. He was smitten by Jaliea’s sexy sassiness and not Poison’s hungry heartlessness.
She would switch up this character for her lifestyle. She wanted her day job life kept pure and free from all the negativity that came with what she did behind closed doors in the darkness. Her work attitude at the hospital was different from her street personality, which could be far too ruthless and menacing at times. She had to be that way in the streets for anybody to take her seriously, but it could cost her the job she held in the hospital if the two worlds ever collided.
Everyone loved her on her day job. She had such a great personality and was always smiling and complimenting others. They could never think of anything bad to say about her. She was a people person in both worlds: outgoing, very sociable, and charming. She felt she could do no wrong. In her eyes, what she was doing was only providing for both her families: the immediate and the street.

Once again, her work had crept into another vacation. The entire time she was here all she could focus on was obtaining more money. She lay there in the sun daydreaming of how to put her life into motion to get to the next level. She was always thinking and contemplating about ways to better her situation. The thought of money made her tingle down below and soaked her panties. She was married to the hustle of making money.

In fact, she loved it just as much as she loved Coal. One day, she would walk down the aisle with him and sometimes she fantasized about how that would play out. She wanted children with her potential husband, but that life was far in the future. She was too youthful in mind and body to think about raising kids. Her goal was keeping herself up.

Even though her and Coal were doing well, she was hungry for more. She liked the random trips they were able to take like this one, and she loved the lavish shopping sprees to splurge on, but her real desire was to be so prosperous in money, power, and influence that everyone regarded her as the Messalina with a status.

She wanted her and her man never to want for anything for the rest of their lives, and she had a well thought out plan that so far had worked for them. She already started putting away for retirement. Her next step was to begin tucking away a little nest egg for college funds. She needed to save money for the three or four children she planned on having, preferably two girls and two boys. She even thought it would be nice if she could have two sets of twins, so she wouldn’t have to keep going through the childbirth rituals that might destroy her fabulous figure. She had a plan for it all.

Coal looked over at Jaliea and saw a smile on her face. “What are you thinking about, babe?” he asked.

She replied, “Our future together, I’m making a mental map in my head of all the directions we have to go to get to the destination we want.”
“Don’t overload your brain. This is supposed to be relaxation time.”

“I can’t help it. My mind is on my money, and my money is on my mind,” Coal finished her mantra in unison with her.

Jaliea enjoyed her much needed vacation with Coal, but knew it was almost time to head back home and jump start her ideas for gaining wealth. She and Coal lived together in a nice two-bedroom house that had been perfect for the two of them. Coal had moved up to supervisor at the UPS hub warehouse and was making good money.

Jaliea’s young-at-heart vigor kept her outgoing, mixing her in the loop of all the events and big names. One of her plans for wealth involved being around other wealthy people to get her own status raised. She knew it would take some time and perseverance, but she didn’t want anything to get in the way of that.

After attending a medical banquet one evening, she overheard an older more distinguished couple talking about having a charity fundraiser. They were talking to a director about filming infomercials for a fundraiser on TV. They were discussing all the difficulties, how much red tape they had to go through to set up the filming crew, and the financial restraints. Jaliea listened to the conversation and heard high dollar amounts being thrown around in it. The director told the couple they wouldn’t have to go through any type of screening or agency. All they had to do is pay a lump sum of money, and he would take care of the filming and directing.
Jaliea saw an opportunity for her from listening to the dialogue they were having. She wanted to know more about this director and his connections. She watched the man exchange business cards with the couple and move on to other people, working the room. Jaliea didn’t want to lose sight of him, so she followed him without trying to be too obvious. She waited to strike up a conversation with the foreign director at the right time.

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