Urban Fiction: We Both Can't Be Bae

by Twyla T



Urban Fiction: We Both Can't Be Bae Kindle Edition ...Also Available In Paperback & Free With Kindle Unlimited.

One would have never thought the pimple faced, dark skin girl who was bullied everyday would grow up to be drop dead gorgeous with silky smooth dark skin. In the prime of her new identity, Cameron met and married Malcolm within three months of dating. Things eventually took a turn due to his infidelity as well as him failing to satisfy her in the bed room, which led her back into the arms of her forbidden fruit.

Cameron’s life is now spinning out of control. She is finding it harder and harder to balance two men, especially with a husband who was once predictable but now pops up on her without notice. Malcolm is so obsessive that she has to walk around on egg shells in order to follow through with her every move.

To make matters worse, Cameron finds out that she is pregnant and both men she is involved with wants a house full of babies…but she doesn’t want any more. Will she, along with her unborn child, survive the horrible accident that was caused by one of her lovers?

How long will Cameron be able to balance two baes?

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By KHUSKEYBookLuverReviewWriter on January 30, 2016

Heck nawl to the nawl nawl....we both can't be bae. Yessssssssssssss hunni Twyla T should not only write books but write a movie. This can't be her first book with this level of skills.

This book will have you hooked from beginning to end omg the story is amazing but the drama set it off. DNA, crazy flashbacks, secrets,lies, Splackavellies, drama, decit, violence, and more is what you will be reading. This book had action all throughout. There was never a dull moment what so ever.

The crew will have you rolling especially Cameron's friend Shay. I loved how she was always the one being live. Well here we have two men one crazy(Malcolm) and the other don't know what he want to be honest with you(Keith). Then we have a in your business and need a man mama (Bertha). Then we have the support group. The triflin and slick sister.

I had to name a few I don't want to give all the craziness away that you will encounter. Cameron was my girl on and off. She was slick from the jump but she let her daddy get in her ear. I wanted to scream to her but I had to remind myself that I wa reading a book and not watching a movie or talking to my friend.

That's how good the book was. Cameron had her high and low points. Why would she let a man take her down through there when she don't want him to begin with? There's so many emotions through this book....you will laugh, get mad, gave a fit, wanna be part of the support group, and sooo much more.

The DNA van scene and how Twyla wrote it in different situations had me rolling. Since ol buddy sending the DNA van he need to be sending it to his mistress house. Yup there's a side piece that's slick dipping in and out. I just wanna knock on Nikki door and give her a two piece just for Cameron. As Well I forgot Cameron already made her craziness be known when he did damage to the tramp house. Cameron was the truth but was not truthful nor faithful.

Keith is a good guy but he need to start cleaning up his relationship with Pheba. This was your normal you either gon 304 around or stay and deal with it. Speaking of 304 around they all was doing it.....lol drama drama drama....did I mention DRAMA. Malcolm is a fruit loop and I'll be happy when he just man up and admit to his love child with Tricking Nikki.

Malcolm already told the biggest lie of them all in the beginning just because he didn't like his dang name. Whhhyyyyyy Malcolm Whhhyyyyyy would you even lie about a name. This guy been a basket case every since he was younger but his mama should've let that be known. I couldn't tollorate her old messy behind. I hope everything works out in the end.

Speaking of ending that ending had me on the edge of my couch. I didn't know what Twyla was thinking when she left us hanging with the all the commotion going on. Excitement and action. I loooove it. I'm just waiting on part 2 which should be released tomorrow. I hope Cameron come out okay. Malcolm should be in a stray jacket in the looney bin with all the others. Pheba should just dissappear without a trace.

Keith should just find a way to stop confusing his heart and stop playing with Cameron. They both want each other....but there's a divorce to be done and a retaining order to fill out because that's the next step. Cameron know next time to follow her own heart and stop listening to her daddy.


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I live in Mississippi with my beautiful daughter. I enjoy playing softball, an avid football fan, love hanging with my family and friends, and of course reading. I would LOVE to hear your feedback and use your critique to create better stories for everyone. You may reach me via email at authortwylat@gmail.com or on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @AuthorTwylaT. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Writing this book/series has been a dream come true to me. It has been an exciting and satisfying journey all because of God and my awesome support system. I feel so grateful to be able to finally do what I absolutely love. I have far too many people who have encouraged and inspired me to name one by one, but each and every one of you know how much I love and appreciate you.

It's more than words can even describe. I hope that each of you enjoy my series as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks so much for taking a chance on me. Enjoy and be blessed!!

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Mar 07, 2016
by: Psymon H

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