Urban Fiction: Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy

by Mz. Jae



Urban fiction, African American Romance - Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy Kindle Edition...Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Ayana Miller is living the life any girl that's grown up with nothing could possibly want. She has the heart of the local boss, more money than she can spend in a lifetime, and enough confidence to believe this could all last forever. But when a series of unfortunate events take place, even as her man Antron Dixon's ambitions rise beyond his current territory, Ayana gets thrown into the arms of another.

When Brazilian bad boy Sergio Souza comes to NYC, his ultimate goal is business and assessing a local kid's rise up the ranks. He never counted on becoming caught up with life in the city, especially with his newest prospect's chick. But Sergio isn't afraid of anyone or anything, so he does whatever it takes, and takes whatever he desires.

As Antron is determined to climb the ranks, Ayana is equally determined to not forget about the fact that she belongs to the local boss...not the Brazilian Don. In the process, worlds will be torn apart and hearts broken. In the end, Ayana's heart will take her further into love and possibly deeper into darkness, as she falls for a Brazilian bad boy.

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By KHUSKEYBookLuverReviewWriter on March 2, 2016

I can honestly say this book was great. The sex had me on 100 and Mz. Jae did a good job with the descriptions.

The book was constant and action packed. Mz.Jae took her readers through a tunnel when it came to Sergio...true he was the hunk but omg he was rather ruthless. Ayana have her way with her friends,Tron and Sergio. Antron a liar, cheater, and a down right disloyal sucka. He use his sex to shut females up, that shows how cowardly he is. Sergio and Yesenia relationship was one I couldn't get with. She was the chick, but could not get over the fact that he wanted something new.

Trisha was the side piece to Tron and was treated like a piece of mess. Well what can you expect when you're the side piece, playing number 2, and not wanted whatsoever. I was crushed when she saw her two friends dead. I fet as if I saw them all together growing up. Wow I know Mz. Jae had a hard time writing this part. Ayana figured out her problem with the way she treated people a little too late. Sergio became infatuated with someone else's girl and did everything in his power to get her. He went through great lengths to get her and in the end everything worked out.

Sergio was the hunk, the Bralizian cutie, but he had some evil ways.....cocky and somewhat arrogant if you ask me. Ayana and Sergio was made to be together.

They met at a not so good time and became lovers. Sergio didn't have t o do what he did to save her the night they met, but it was something in her that he saw that sparked the fire. Ayana is so prideful to the point when she can't se herself letting someone help her. I hate how she tried to brush Sergio off, but knew she needed him.

I found myself torn between Sergio and Tron(Megatron). Wow the meet up with both of them. That's how I knew I was in for a brawl between these two. Loyalty is what stuck out through the book. No one showed loyalty. A few confrontations: Trisha came to her but Ayana being her didn't want to hear what she had to say.

I don't understand how someone to know the truth but be too stupid to except it.

Nikki was the friend to Ayana through everything. More like she had her head on straight and knew what was up from the beginning. This book will show you a lot how someone can be twisted and disloyal just to get some sort of personal gain. We need more friends like Nikki and less females like Ayana. Ayana put everyone she was close with in danger, but it was not her intentions. Mz. Jae had a lot of action in this book and I was in tuned with what was going on.

I'm just dying to see what's going to happen in part 2. Getting what you want out of life ain't so easy. Being the side chick ain't easy. Getting money ain't easy. This book let's you know everything don't come easy.


Mz. Jae
is a loving mother, sister, daughter and friend. She is devoted to feeding into others whenever possible. The author prides herself on being bold enough to write with conviction, yet unpretentious enough to respect the craft. She enjoys writing in several different genres, with an ultimate goal of simply providing literature that readers can escape with whenever need be.

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Mar 09, 2016
by: Psymon h

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