Welcome To The Travel Books In Our Readers Lounge

Welcome to The Travel Books in our Readers Lounge.

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Travel: An Accidental Tourist: 
Be The First To Review The Travel eBook: An Accidental Tourist: A Caribbean Misadventure: Ten Countries, No Cruise Ships Allowed Kindle Edition...Free

Travel: Living in Italy 
Kindle Price Drop To A Wallet-Smiling $.99 To The End Of Jan 2017. Living in Italy: the Real Deal: How to Survive the Good Life Kindle Edition...Free

Adventure Travel: The Nepali Flat  
Kindle Price Drop To A Wallet-Smiling $1.99 Until The End of Sept 2016. Non Fiction, Adventure Travel - The Nepali Flat Kindle Edition...Free With

Travel: Family Friendly Amsterdam 
Family Friendly Amsterdam: A City Travel Guide Kindle Edition...Free With Kindle Unlimited. Your complete guide to visiting Amsterdam with …

How to travel the world for peanuts! 
Be The First To Review The Travel Guide: Former intelligence operative Gavin Stone shares his tips, tricks and hacks on how to travel the world for

Learn Travel French FAST! 
Free Kindle Download 8th - 12th March 2016 Be The First To Review - Learn Travel French FAST!: Your quick language hack before your trip to Europe

Travel: Security Herd 
TRAVEL - Europe - Great Britain and TRAVEL - General: Security Herd: A comical traveller's guide for UK Airport Security Kindle Edition...Free With

Nonfiction > Travel > Essays & Travelogues: OCEAN TREASURES - A Day At Arroyo Burro Beach Kindle Edition...Free With kindle Unlimited. Are you …

The Long Layover Guide to Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Airport 
Travel (Europe-Germany-Frankfurt) Be The First To Review - The Long Layover Guide to Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Airport Kindle Edition...Also Available

In Search of Lady Ayahuasca 
Free Kindle Download: 18th - 21st Feb 2016. In Search of Lady Ayahuasca: An Ill-Conceived Quest Through the Peruvian Amazon Kindle Edition.

Trucking in English  
Travel/Adventure/Emigration - Trucking in English...Available On Kindle & in Paperback. Almost Ice Road Truckers, except for the tulip bulbs... …

Learn Travel German FAST! 
Free Kindle Download For A Limited Time Only! Be The First To Review - Learn Travel German FAST!: Your quick language hack before your trip to Europe

Italian Language for Travelers, Tourists and Vagabonds 
Free Kindle Download: 21st - 26th Jan 2016. Italian Language for Travelers, Tourists and Vagabonds Italian Language Phrase Book and Travel …

Las Hormiguitas: A Reflection 
Non-fiction, Travel, Nicaragua: Las Hormiguitas: A Reflection Kindle Edition. Poems, essays and stories about Child Labor and other social issues …

Travel Humor: Four in a Fury  
Free Kindle Download: 3rd - 7th Nov 2015. Four in a Fury Kindle Edition. What do you get when you take four keen young New Zealand blokes …

Travel: Pilgrimage 
Pilgrimage: A Journey and a Trek to the Himalayan Shrines of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Hemkund Sahib Paperback – July 6, 2006. A travel book …

Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama 
Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama: A Guide to Ghostlore, Legends and Haunted Places in the Heart of Dixie Kindle Edition. Ghosts and spirits …

The Ultimate Guide To Travel The World 
The Ultimate Guide To Travel The World: How To Become Location Independent To Live And Work From Anywhere Kindle Edition. Just $0.99 for a limited

Malaysia Travel Guide: Different Ways to Explore the Peninsula of the Malay 
Free Kindle Download 8th & 9th Aug 2015. Be The First To Review This Title. Travel Books - Malaysia Travel Guide: Different Ways to Explore the Peninsula

Travel: The Ultimate Guide to Hitchhiking  
Free Kindle Download Ends The 20th Aug 2015. The Ultimate Guide to Hitchhiking - Stop Dreaming! Start Your Adventure!: Hitch Hiking, How to Hitchhike,

Travel: Living in and Visiting Costa Rica - 100 Tips, Tricks, Traps, and Facts 
Travel: Living in and Visiting Costa Rica - 100 Tips, Tricks, Traps, and Facts. Finally, a book on Costa Rica that gives a “slice of life” view …

Travel: The Ultimate Key West Bar Guide 
Travel > United States > Florida > Keys - The Ultimate Key West Bar Guide (The Ultimate Bar Guide Series Book 1). Key West, a quirky …

Travel: Enjoy Bristol 
Travel: Enjoy Bristol - Travel Guide: Travel Guide with Top 125 Spots in Bristol, UK. Want an easy-to-read travel guide to Bristol? This app …

Travel: Atlanta Top 146 Spots 
Travel: Atlanta Top 146 Spots - 2015 Travel Guide to Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia City Guides). Publication Date: May 13, 2015 Want an easy-to-read …

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Travel : Adventures In Orlando 
Travel : Adventures In Orlando - A Simple Guide to Travel Beyond the Mouse. Why Orlando? Orlando has more tourist resorts and entertainment option …

Travel Humor: Wandering 
Travel humor: Wandering - For some of us, our midlife quest for self-discovery and renewed meaning requires a little wandering. Burovac does just this

Travel, Shanghai: Around Shanghai 
The Ultimate Guide to Water Towns and Villages around Shanghai This book can be used by anyone with a desire to explore whether they are businessmen, …

Adventure Travel: Round the Bend 
From Luton to Peru to Ningaloo, a search for life after redundancy Three things happened simultaneously. The lioness charged, Alistair …

Travel: Awakening On The Road  
Awakening On The Road - Book 2 The West: the Story of My Travels around the World and My Discovery of the Invisible Forces of the Universe (Volume 2)

Travel: A Zany Slice of Italy 
Travel: A Zany Slice of Italy by Ivanka Di Felice This light, lively book takes place in Italy, with hilarious anecdotes about the author and …

#Travel: CIRCLING THE GLOBE Traveling Planet Earth FOR A YEAR 
Available On Kindle And In Paperback In 1985, Scott A Deitler quit his job and broke up with his girlfriend. He sold everything he …

#WorldCup: The Official Travel Guide to FIFA World Cup Brazil: Stadiums, Teams, Food, Attractions & More 
The ultimate arm-chair guide to the world’s greatest team sporting event, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is here. With the tournament all set to begin …

#Travel #Asia: For Monks Only 
You travel to Southeast Asia in search of your girlfriend who is having bouts of smuttiness. Liana Kim is a gem of a character in this tale of travel and …

#Travel: F Is For France 
Free 14/05/2014 - 15/05/2014 F Is For France: The essential A to Z guide to the culture, customs, history and people in the land of liberte, …

#Budget #Travel: Vanabode - travel and live forever on $20 a day. 
Revolutionary new travel book shows everyone regardless of current financial condition how to camp, travel and live forever anywhere in the United States …

#Travel "A Casual Taveler" 
“A Casual Traveler” is a collection of short travel tales and poems from the author’s personal travels over a three year period. The stories take you …

#Travel: "Disabled World Travels" 
Do you feel inspired or intimidated when you think about traveling? Do you still want to travel but feel that your disability limits you? With over …

Travel: Two Weeks in Costa Rica 
A Travelogue with a Guidebook Twist Two Weeks in Costa Rica takes you to a not-so-distant land where beautiful beaches abound, exotic wildlife thrives, …

Travel Memoir: HERE WE ARE & THERE WE GO; Teaching and Traveling With Kids in Tow 
HERE WE ARE & THERE WE GO chronicles our family's ten years of living and teaching overseas in four different countries (Singapore, Mexico, Ghana, Guam) …

Budget Travel: Vanabode - travel and live forever on $20 a day 
Travel: Vanabode - travel and live forever on $20 a day by Jason Odom Revolutionary new travel book shows everyone regardless of current financial …

#Travel: A Is For Australia Not rated yet
Contrary to popular belief, Australians don’t walk upside down, and there are perfectly valid reasons why the cricket team looks like it’s wearing …

Author Adam Yamey has already published two novels set in 19th century southern Africa, "Aliwal" & "Rogue of Rouxville" (both available on AMAZON). Born …

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Genre Description

Travel books aspires to bookish value. It typically records the experiences of an author doing a tour of places for the enjoyment of travel. An individual work is sometimes called a travelogue. Travel literature may be a combination of different cultures and traditions, or may involve travel to different areas within the same country. Accounts of spaceflight may also be considered travel literature.

Literary travel logs generally exhibit a coherent account beyond the logging of dates and events as found in most travel magazines or a ship's log. Travel literature is closely associated with outdoor literture and the genres often overlap with no definite boundaries. Another sub-genre, invented in the 19th century, is the guide book.

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