'Black Caviar' The Most Vivid Thriller eBook Series

By Psymon H.

Gone are the days of indie writers aiming to follow in the footsteps of their favorite thriller authors, with repackaged stories, a few name changes and slightly different endings. This is the era of the most vivid and movie-like writing, where words leap of the page with such venom; it keeps readers pinned to their seats until the  very end. Not only are narratives being pushed outside the imaginative boundaries with characters so well-developed, their dispositions overlaps believability; but now we’re seeing the emergence of genre fraternization, where books are no longer subject to one genre. 

I'm Living But I'm Not Alive

BOOK 1 IN THE THRILLER EBOOK SERIES: Take a tall cocktail glass and fill it with revealing characters with flawed personalities; add a twist of conflict....Then gently drizzle in some infused eroticism over a mind-bending plot. Last but not least, stir in a large tablespoon of psychology…..Now You Have Premium Book Juice! Devilishly good looking Daman is Chicago’s most feared man; he’s vicious, calculative and a genius in his own right.

“I’m Living But I’m Not Alive” was the scary contradiction he uttered every night since the murder of his brother. 28 years later, the well renowned chess player sharpens the blades of capitalism with the American dream wet stone and finds himself at the top table in the city’s underworld.

Is this fear you’re smelling or just the sophisticated scent of the black widow, Jane? Don’t be fooled by her charm and passion for high heels. She assumes the lingerie she displays is more than Agent Provocateur; as she remembers from her days at law school, the words are a French legal term for “entrapment.”

When the two meet at a luxurious boat party, it starts a fear-provoking journey into the unknown. Can Daman avoid her mind-bending games which threaten to loosen his grip on the Windy City’s windpipe, or will Jane get caught up in her own sticky web of deceit and pay the ultimate price?

The monsters that have haunted him for so long will stop hiding under his bed and find their way inside his head

Collision Course

BOOK 2 IN THE THRILLER EBOOK SERIES: Four huge characters step through the door and find themselves locked inside a mind-bending sequel. But not all are promised a safe route home, as murder, greed and revenge make up a lethal cocktail too hard to digest! 

Laying at the mercy of Daman with a hot poker inches away from her skull, Jane’s life is in danger. Will she be able to talk her way out this life-threatening situation, or will she suffer the ultimate consequence?

As Daman colossal brains on keeping the city in a headlock, the Mayor, Miss Claire Watson makes him an offer he can’t refuse for lots of reasons. As his enemies play in the dark, will he be able to keep them at bay and reap vengeance on Sean, or will his bloody pass catch up with him?

Having a best friend as unpredictable as Daman, the British law-abiding Cruz finds out how treacherous life can really get when he’s left in a brackish predicament with no obvious way out. Does he cross the line and take the consequences, or does he stare at the line and wish he had?

Audreya, probably the most dangerous and complex female character to ever walk across the fiction pages of an eBook reader enters book two and defiantly makes her presence felt. Her search for her missing sister throws up a surprising episode that situates her in the wrong place at the right time, and as she finds out the truth behind Sky’s murder, is she brave enough to take matters into her own hands or will she risk watching Daman walk free?

The Thriller eBook Series Continues

The Ovcharka Project

BOOK 3 IN THE THRILLER EBOOK SERIES: Every finish line is the start of a new race with fresh and sinister challenges ahead and new characters muscling their way into the Black Caviar psychological drama.  The news about the apparent demise of Daman and the D Organization has traveled like wildfire with everyone glued to the fast flowing timeline; none more so than the Boss Man who has every intention of being the man to fill the vacuum  left by his enemy.

But with the Black Widows involvement, nothing is certain as more people get caught up in their lethal web. The Boss Man enlists the help of his two trusted friends, the deadly husband and wife duo, Zahra J and Cuban. The six foot Russian beauty Zahra J is the daughter of the Billionaire and head of the Skyline News Corporation, Mr. Berzin; her husband Cuban has deep Mexican and Columbian cartel connections. Together they set about loosening the D Organization’s bloody grip on the city’s black profit with a pernicious plan of attack, called the Ovcharka Project.

The Windy City becomes the terrifying backdrop to over one hundred unexplained deaths with the numbers rising each and every day; but when two college kids are caught up in the death count it sends shivers down the spines of the city mayor, Miss Claire Watson and the chief of police, Ms. Marisa Richards. The minute the closet door unlatches on both women; unexpected skeletons fall out with secrets both are desperate to hide for different reasons. Equally they want to get to the bottom of the mysterious fatalities but both understand that trusting the other is never that easy once you’ve been touched by the D Organization.

Both Cruz and Audreya’s lives take a turn for the worse but there’s no time to feel sorry for them; only the strong will survive book 3. Remember the purse thrown in the dumpster? That’s just the start of some spine chilling twist and turns; this is a test of one’s metal and mental ability to stay afloat in a pool of psychosomatic drama. We’re Sure The Suspense Will Kill You!

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