The Reed Fields

by Brandon Campbell

ASIN: B01922W77U

ASIN: B01922W77U

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A stunning, heart-pounding, journey into the lost world of ancient Egypt.

The Reed Fields, An Egyptian Tragedy is a reading experience unlike any other. In 364 BCE, Akua-Mat was a young priest eager to serve the people of his country the best he could. Then, mysteriously, the priesthood uprooted his life by forbidding his marriage and sending him away. Akua unwillingly accepted this voluntary exile and watched his life crumble.

When he eventually lands in Athens, Greece he miraculously uncovers the reasons behind his exile. While there, he decides to return to Egypt and labor to put his life back together.

Akua’s natural and learned spiritual gifts manifest into a unique and beautiful gift to Egypt. He was able to touch the hearts of many in a way that few ever could.

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From the Author

This novel is about ancient Egypt. I had fun and learned a lot writing it. I spent 10 years
writing and editing it and am happy to have it be available. What I'm most proud of is the
spiritual premise of the book. I really tried to create more than just a good, solid story.
I wanted to present an overview of religion and worship to the many gods in that time and
I hope I achieved it. The main character, Akua-Mat is one, like me, to question religious beliefs.
I tried to have him search for the inconsistencies present in the religious dogma of the time.
If you decide to read The Reed Fields, I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Nothing would make me happier than to know this story provided value to you in some way!

About the Author

Brandon Campbell
is 45 and lives in Grand Junction, Colorado. Brandon has recently retired
from the Information Technology field. After surviving a couple of serious childhood illnesses,
Brandon led a "normal" life until about 17 years ago when He was diagnosed with
Cerebellar Ataxia (a condition that destroys parts of the Nervous System). Although life is not
as simple as it once was, Brandon enjoys life and his future plans include writing and

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Feb 15, 2016
by: Psymon H

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