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Supernatural: BLACK EYED KIDS: Can We Come In? 
Supernatural: BLACK EYED KIDS: Can We Come In?: Terrifying Encounters (Your Haunted Lives Book 3) Kindle Edition...Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Supernatural Urban: Mr. Smith Isn't Afraid of the Dark  
Be The First To Review The Supernatural Urban - Mr. Smith Isn't Afraid of the Dark Kindle Edition. No one ever suspects the quiet ones… Billy …

Supernatural Adventure: Hellbounce 
For Those Who Like To Think Outside The Box - Hold on to your seats and take a ride to hell and back. Available On Kindle And Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Supernatural Fiction: What Haunts Me - Ghost Killer - Book 1 
Currently listed on Amazon as a pre-order item and will be officially published on November 15, 2014 on Kindle And Free Through Kindle Unlimited.

#Supernatural: Away With the Fairies 
Away With the Fairies by Jenny Twist Lucy likes to stare at the wall. Her mother thinks she is suffering from petit mal but Granny McCurdle says, “Och, …

#Supernatural: Take One at Bedtime 
TAKE ONE AT BEDTIME By Jenny Twist Nobody ever goes upstairs in Margaret’s house. So what is making the strange thumping noises up there? And …

#Supernatural #Fiction: Under A Bourbon Street Moon 
A two hundred year old vampires' deceased pianist/composer lover returns to her in the reincarnated body of a rock star. When former rock star Quinn …

#Supernatural #Fiction: The Casket 
From the creative pen of L.K. Reppo comes not one, but four twisted tales of drama, mystery, and the supernatural, set in a period preceding World War …

#Supernatural #Spiritual #Fiction: Son of Xander: Chapter One 
Al Nic is a 43 year old husband and father of three, from Encino, Ca. who has always had a passion for writing. In 2013 he was signed as an author with …

#Supernatural: Vampires Rule 
Vampires cannot return to their previous mortal state... or can they? Jack has spent the past ten years as a vampire, traveling with his fanged friends, …

#Supernatural #CrimeChiller - ASH: Return Of The Beast 
FACT: Soon after the death of notorious occultist, Aleister Crowley, a.k.a., "The Beast" (1875-1947), the urn containing his ashes mysteriously disappeared. …

#Occult #Supernatural #TimeTravel "Sexual Promise" 
Rhea is the High Priestess in the land of Atlantis. She receives visions and is called to act. Enlisting three of her friends they go on a mission into …

Supernatural Fiction: "A". 
Strange phenomena of the supernatural, miraculous sightings, and connections occurred in several parishes of Louisiana and the bayou marsh lands. …

Supernatural/ The Rift 
The Rift is a YA supernatural fiction unlike any you have read. It changes the standards and expectations set by other supernatural and paranormal authors, …

Supernatural Fiction: Song of the Vampire 
How would you react if you discovered your father, who abandoned you as a child eighteen years ago, surfaced with a perfectly reasonable explanation for …

Historical/ Supernatural: The Secret Tree  
Blurb: "A poignant tale about family secrets and infinite love, with an eerie supernatural twist." ~ Cheryl Kaye Tardif, international bestselling author …

Supernatural Romance: Pieces (Merely Mortal Series #1) 
Pieces (The Merely Mortal Series, Book 1) About the Author: Faye Hollidaye is a writer, college graduate, a caretaker for multiple pets, a wife, a …

Supernatural fiction: "Elena" 
Greetings, fans of the supernatural. My paranormal thriller, "Elena", concerns Teddy, an isolated teenager, who is obsessed with sex but believes …

Supernatural Fiction: Bottom Dwellers 
BOTTOM DWELLERS SYNOPSIS After suffering a stroke, forty-eight year old, karate black belt Patrick Dylan is scuba diving in Lake Lanier in north …

Modern Fantasy: LOST 
"Daggers. Daggers. All around me sixways are daggers. And each one presents a different death. Love and martyrdom. Sublime and indifference. Chaos and …

Supernatural Fiction: The Illuminati Kid Can Save You 
"Strap in and listen damned hard or else you'll suffer and die at the hands of the psychotic, satanic and paedophilic elite . . . " Cartoonish, …

Supernatural Fiction Books: The Cult of Me 
For years he dwelt apart. With his unique ability he invades and destroys their lives. Now, bored of the game he decides to enact a bloody …

Supernatural Fiction: Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural 
The title NIGHT SEA JOURNEY comes from Jung, meaning 'a journey to the land of ghosts somewhere beyond this world, beyond consciousness, hence …

#Supernatural #Fiction: Blood Drive Not rated yet
AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON! FREE July 3rd and July 4th! Every year, the Fourth of July holds it's own significance for Sam West. It marks …

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#Supernatural #Suspense: A Girl Between Not rated yet
Marjorie Weismantel-Author of 'A Girl Between' I am a high school teacher and mother of three, who has enjoyed and valued my many experiences …

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Supernatural Fiction Books...Genre Description

Supernatural fiction books "supernaturalist fiction” is actually a style requiring as plot devices or elements some contradictions from the commonplace organic planet and materialist assumptions regarding it.

In the genre's broadest definition, it contains examples of weird fiction, horror, fantasy, and such sub-genres as vampire literature and also ghost tales.

Components of this fictional genre is usually identified in work which include sci-fi.

Amongst academics, readers, nevertheless this writing is typically classed as a discrete category defined by the elimination of "horror", "fantasy" and components vital to other styles.

The one particular niche this seems to embrace in its entirety is definitely the classic ghost tale.

Within the 20th century, this genre became linked with psychological fiction writing.

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