Screenplay: SWEET MIND

by S.J. Loyola

Drama-Intrigue-Romance-Coming Of Age-LGBT Teen

It is an emotional tale of a lonely 15-year-old girl who rebels to justify life and love in the midst of deception and betrayal.

is a beautiful 15-year-old girl, a loner, with depths expressed through writing and playing the piano. She is hungry to learn more about life and love and experience her hidden desires while renouncing her religious beliefs. She forms hatred towards her mother, a nurse, IRENE, who struggles to keep their harmonious and open relationship. Angela meets a mysterious and charming 14-year-old girl, CASEY, whose personal life experiences have turned her into a philosophical genius. Casey teaches Angela about the sweetness and bitterness found in both life and love. Then along comes a stunning and smart woman in her mid-30’s, a church concert pianist, HEIDI, who reappears from Angela’s past, with a strong suspicion that the teenage girl plans suicide. Angela’s deep obsession for Heidi is granted once more as they indulge in a forbidden affair in order to inspire Angela’s creativity, motivate her to welcome happiness in, and rebuild her relationship with her mother. And a greatest doom shatters in. However, Angela holds the truth as to why this is all happening. And such truth is her testimony to accept her fate and how she copes with loneliness.

It starts with Angela’s thought-provoking voice-overs. Then she meets Casey, and an instant bond ignites between them. Casey makes mysterious sacrifices every night just to spend time with Angela whose admiration for her increases every single time. Casey opens Angela’s mind to human struggles, simple bliss, and hope. Angela finally proclaims her longings for Casey, who is reluctant to reciprocate it at first due to her own secrets. Eventually, Casey gives in to Angela’s desire. However, when Casey finds out about Angela’s religious faith, she decides to sacrifice the relationship instead, which leaves Angela heartbroken and depressed.

Heidi reconnects with Angela, and is ready to sacrifice her reputation all for romance and passion, though her intentions are clear and noble. Angela’s creative prowess is then highlighted as inspired by her hidden affair with Heidi, who seems to have been keeping secrets of her own as well. All along, Irene effortlessly reaches out for her daughter’s love, and is always disappointed. When Angela learns about Casey’s life-threatening situation, it leads her to discover her old friend’s larger-than-life persona and background.

Soon after Casey’s passing, Heidi breaks up with Angela, who is now forced to unveil the secrets and move forward with her bittersweet revenge to protect her mother’s personal interests.

In the end, Angela’s meeting with a therapist captures the truth hidden in the opening scene voice-overs, leaving the audience with feelings of pity, tender joy, and relief. It will also rivet their minds to go back to the first scene in order to find the clues all throughout the movie.

Author Bio

S.J. Loyola
was born and raised in Western Visayas, Philippines. Being surrounded by a family of teachers, she had grown an immeasurable passion for literature and music. She demonstrated her prowess in writing stories and poetry at the tender age of 10. She would spend night after night either voraciously reading or eagerly writing. She also taught herself how to play the piano.

Regarded as the genius in the family, S.J. was strictly educated by her grandmother. However, she detested school as she would have a hard time socializing and interacting with other kids. She endured being the subject of bullies, which she would later integrate into her writings.

At 17, she became the floor director and scriptwriter of a local cable TV show. She was also appointed as the scriptwriter of a Little Theater at the University of San Agustin, penning her first major play 'The Wand Of Fantasies From The Cradle'. Her English Literature professor, Mrs. Montero, nurtured her writing abilities in clandestine meetings.

She studied the different types of literary techniques.

She has been a sequestered songwriter and instrumentalist.

In her mid-20s, she taught English as a Secondary Language in Jilin Province, China. She also became an International English Language Testing System instructor in Manila, Philippines. And in 2008, she immigrated to Canada.

in 2011, she published a book, "Sole's Masterpiece, Inspired by True Events", under the pseudonym 'Samantha Lee'. It was a cerebral drama, with flash fiction stories and poetry reflecting the main character's truths, wishes, and secrets. She intentionally wrote it for English Literature students as an experimental piece. In 2012, she also wrote, directed, and edited a short film 'Silence' in order to raise awareness of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Currently, she is working on her memoirs.

S.J. Loyola resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is 35 years old.

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Dec 21, 2014
by: Psymon H

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