Non-Fiction Author Shares Intriguing Views On Celibacy Through Her Title “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?”

Author Tranea Prosser

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The sign on the door indicates another BCBC author interview in progress. One hand holds four intriguing yet challenging questions while the other redirects the spotlight on the non-fiction writer in the hot seat.

 Author Tranea Prosser, also an emcee, speaker, singer and comedian known as MizT beans a smile and makes herself comfortable before sharing thoughts and answering questions about her book “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?”

Although this enlightening take on living a celibate lifestyle in this modern day era is her first written publication, Tranea does a fantastic job of using her own life experiences to teach fundamental lessons and explores reasons why sexual abstinence is not only the safest, but the smartest way to live a healthy lifestyle outside of marriage.

What Was I Thinking? not only gives practical advice, but also lightens an otherwise hefty issue and makes for an entertaining yet refreshingly authentic and beautifully inspiring read. 

1. What has been the general reaction to your book and subject matter? And what made you decide to put your celibacy thoughts and lifestyle into book form?

T.P:  The general reaction to the title of the book is total surprise and a question mark pops up right in the middle of their forehead, you know where it creases between the eyes? They really are curious as to what I was thinking! I kicked around a couple of ideas about what topic to write about and I jokingly said, "I should write about my celibate walk, because I haven't been successful with losing weight." So I had to narrow it down to which topic of life, did I have the most experience with and that's how the title came about. I think the joke is on me now!

2.  Let’s play devil’s advocate for a second. We only live life once, with the knowledge that it could be taken away from us in a flash. Why would I want to stay celibate and possibly miss out on an important aspect of adulthood?

T.P: I did not purposefully mean to turn this into a vocation. I was taking a relationship break without a timeline on it! I pray that I'm not celibate too much longer, because Jesus will just have to come and take me home to glory!

While trying to re-enter the dating world, things have changed so much and I can't keep up with the mind games. Based on a couple of those dating incidents, it is for my emotional and physical health to remain celibate.

There is no one playing games with me or putting my body at risk to catch something that will take me out of this world. I don't have to worry about being cheated on and disrespected. I just filled my life with other activities and didn't let being celibate be the reason to not enjoy my life.

Sex is really over-rated and I think people put way too much pressure on themselves in dating to prove that they can sexually satisfy you when there should be more to your relationship than that.

3. How has celibacy enhanced your life both on a spiritual and personal level and what lessons have you learned along the way?

My life has been enhanced on the spiritual level because I am more in tune to my God, myself, my calling. I make better decisions responding to my life situations. I am still learning to discern everything before I make a move.

That's just another way to say, I pray about things before I make a step. On a personal level, I have learned that I don't tolerate people who want to waste my time. I am one of those people who are particular in how I invest my time.

So, I don't want my time wasted on a man who claims he wants a relationship, but his actions don't match up to his words. I can leave that situation before it even starts and not feel guilty or bad. I have learned that my self-worth is valuable and I don't need a man in my life to validate me.

I would like to have one, but I am valuable as a human being regardless of my marital status. I have learned to be honest with myself about myself. I cannot afford to get along just to go along anymore.

4. What is more important, being celibate for health and religious reasons or having an intimate relationship that leads to a long and prosperous marriage? 

In my humble opinion, it is more important to be celibate for health and religions reasons. I have not seen many people who were in long intimate relationships make it to the altar.

I pray that I can create a strong relationship that will lead to marriage, God's way and in his timing for me. This is a personal decision that everyone must make because you have to live with the consequences.

Psymon H Last Word
I would like to thank Tranea Prosser for an enlightening author interview and wish you the very best in your future endeavors. 

Readers: What was I Thinking? may leave you with food for thought and empower you to make educated decisions in the future. This book is available by scrolling up and clicking along the right hand side of this article. BCBC would love to hear your thoughts on the subject of celibacy, please leave your comments below.

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