#LiteraryFiction - The Storyteller of Inis Mor

by Brian O’Raleigh

Available On Kindle And In Paperback

When 38 year old Conner O’Rourke returns to Ireland after an absence of 30 years, he’s hearing poetic voices in his mind telling him to return to Inis Mór. When he arrives on Inis Mór- a wild, windswept, rocky little outcrop some 30 miles off the West Coast of Ireland - his has already died, leaving him a cottage and a dilapidated old sailing boat that was built by his grandfather.

A mysterious old man appears offering to help him rebuild the boat and as they work together the old man tells Conner stories and legends of Ireland.

About the Author

Brian O’Raleigh was born in England in 1941 to Irish parents. He was educated (they tried) by the Irish Christian Brothers at St Joseph’s College, Blackpool, Lancs. At the at the age of 14, due to a violent altercation with one of the Christian Brothers, (described in detail in his book - The Boy in the Boat - he left school permanently and began work as a butcher boy.

Within months he was in trouble with the police and after spending 12 months in a boys jail he returned home disillusioned with the world and one of the many ‘angry young men’ of that period. At the age of 18, running from the law in England, he immigrated to Australia in an attempt to leave his demons behind. Brian spent 8 years in Australia, working at a variety of jobs, both in the cities and also out in the ‘Australian bush’, building roads, power stations, pipelines and houses. Working as a plant operator on mining sites, bulldozers, scrapers, heavy machinery, etc.

Back in the cities he worked as a salesman, construction worker, driver, or anything that came to hand. He left Australia in 1967 for London and from there, influenced by Leon Uris and his book, Exodus, volunteered for the 6 Day war in Israel, but later, disillusioned with that cause, he wondered throughout Europe and Asia before returning to Australia at the age of 31. At the age of 33, Brian came to terms with a long standing drinking problem and has not taken a drink or a drug in almost 40 years.

He has married twice and has 4 children, Kathleen, Sharon, Christoir and Elizabeth. He wrote his first book at the age of 60, (that unfortunately was banned) and currently writes and runs writing workshops in Australia and overseas. He is the author of 3 books, including: ‘The Seanachie of Inis Mór’ - subtitled, ‘Could a legend save his life?’ - plus ‘The Boy in the Boat’ as well as his new work; ‘The Gift’ which will be available on amazon.com in August 2014.

He also recently released a small volume of poetry named; Poems of Inis Mór. Three additional titles are now close to completion, including a rather gruesome murder mystery. Brian lives between Bondi Beach, Australia and Bali, Indonesia. He has had a life-long fascination with the island of Inis Mór, Ireland, from where his mother’s family originated.

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Aug 25, 2014
by: Psymon H

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