#LiteraryFiction: That's All She Wrote: A Collection of Short Stories

by Courtney Carola
(Milville, New Jersey, USA)

Hello all! I'm Courtney Carola and I'm a twenty year old self published indie author (that's a mouthful).

"That's All She Wrote: A Collection of Short Stories" is my second published book of my career (and of this year). It's twenty four short stories, all of different varieties, themes, topics, etc. The collection explores a variety of topics from life and death, love and loss, struggling with depression and dealing with ghosts.

One of the short stories in the collection is called, "Have You Ever Really Danced On The Edge?". It's the 21st short story, and one of my personal favorites. This story revolves around a teenage boy and girl, both silently dealing with suicidal thoughts but unknowing to the other. They meet on a fateful night when she catches him trying to kill himself, which is shown in the following scene:

Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears the sound of shoes against the ground, running towards her, and her first thought is ‘what the hell?’ because who in their right mind is awake at this hour? (Granted, she’s awake right now, but she’s not in her right mind). She glances up at the figure getting closer and closer to her, and she realizes she should probably be scared right now, but she doesn’t, and she doesn’t know why.
Finally when this person comes into her line of vision, she sees that it’s a boy and he stops when he notices her as well. They stared at each other for a moment, before he simply just walks up to the stone railing, held upright by several rungs of pillars between the deck of the bridge and the railing. And together they stand in silence, and Helen minds her own business for a few minutes until she sees him place a foot between the pillars and hoist himself up so he’s sitting on the stone atop of the pillars. And Helen finally speaks up, “What are you doing?”
He’s silent for a moment before he offers up, “Just thinking,” and his voice is hollow and lifeless, and Helen feels a chill run up her spine. She shivers, and doesn’t take her eyes off of the mysterious boy.
Once again, they lapse into silence, and when Helen feels the tension slowly ease away from her body, she considers going back home - until he stands up. He’s standing on the edge of the bridge.
Helen’s eyes widen, her pulse quickening significantly. “Whoa, what are you doing?” he doesn’t answer her, just stares blankly ahead and she raises her voice a little, “What the hell are you doing? Get down!” Again, he doesn’t answer her, and she watches, breathlessly, as he looks down at the river below them, and then slowly extends his arms as if he were trying to fly, and Helen nearly feels her heart stop.
He’s going to jump.

Sound interesting? Wonder what's going to happen next? Will he jump? And most importantly, are you intrigued enough to read more, possibly other stories in the collection? Well pick yourself up a copy! "Have You Ever Really Danced On The Edge?" is only one of the twenty four different short stories in "That's All She Wrote" and believe me when I say there's something for everyone.

"That's All She Wrote" is available on amazon for paperback and kindle. My IBSN number is 149214598X.

I hope everyone feels a bit encouraged to check out "That's All She Wrote" and if you do, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy.

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Dec 27, 2013
by: Psymon H

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