#LiteraryFiction: Tackling The Imago

by Anyer Feanix

About the author
Anyer Feanix is a former teacher of English who has gone into hiding after suffering extreme trauma in her course of work and - consequently - quitting the profession. She is a tiny bit OCD and loves nature, scientific curiosities, globetrotting, and fellow weirdos.

About the novel
Gina is on the cusp of adulthood, passionately studies English as a second language, and her excessive libido is only one of her problems. Others are loneliness, unhealthy ambition, self-sabotage, and details of a family tragedy that has been a half-solved mystery for years. Due to a lifelong conflict with her mother, Gina has a grand plan of moving away after graduation, and nothing will stop her.

Could an obnoxious professor be a stumbling block? Strangely, he is a vomit-inducing inspiration whose intentions are unclear. All she knows is that a relationship is not a priority, not here and now.

She was born and raised in Poland, but the hilly terrains she regularly explores are not part of the country's landscape. She experiences bliss and ecstasy that are not real, but they could easily be. She doesn’t take herself seriously, so who else would? She is scared, but she will never confess it to anyone. She is skilled at keeping herself amused, but she has her limitations.

How easy is it to fight guilt, low self-esteem, and an overwhelming need for attention? How does one fight obsessive amorous feelings, aside from writing crude poetry? What to do with a long-kept secret when it is finally revealed? Is it easier to abandon or be abandoned? Does either have to happen?

Perhaps more kitschy than artistic, this often cringeworthy story is an unexpected combination of the two. Warning: this might be the silliest and most primitive novel you have ever read.

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Dec 13, 2013
Tackling The Imago
by: Psymon H

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