Literary Fiction: Tackling the Imago

by Anyer Feanix



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Tackling the Imago Kindle Edition.

What does a typical twenty-year old do when wooed by an older university teacher? Surrender or flee?

Gina vomits out of stress, writes crude poetry, and stops talking to Daniel because of deeply-rooted inhibitions. But she also submits indecent essays which expose her talent and weaknesses to him; she is the perfect target—lonely, ambitious, and chronically shy.

Gina sits in the last row, observing how Daniel subjects himself to her peers' ridicule as he tries to win her affections. She bites her nails, writes this diary, and hides a multitude of secrets, including a lifelong family conflict following a tragedy that blighted her childhood.

She is unlovable, having suffered rejection before, but she tries to keep herself amused. On the bad days, however, self-sabotage is what she does best. Daniel is a welcome distraction, but is he what she really needs?

How easy is it to fight guilt, low self-esteem, and an overwhelming need for attention? What to do with a long-kept secret when it is finally revealed? Is it easier to abandon or be abandoned? Does either have to happen?

Perhaps more kitschy than artistic, this often cringeworthy story is an unexpected combination of the two. Warning: this might be the silliest and most primitive novel you have ever read.

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This book was really fresh and interesting!
Right from the very beginning, I loved the main character, Gina, and felt oddly connected to her. (I also have some of my best insights in the shower!) She's deep and reflective, but in a charming way that's relatable. Her sense of humor hooked me from the very start, as she made a clever witticism about Churchill. There were even a few moments when I laughed out loud (Gina extricating herself from an embarrassing situation after a night of drinking).

I think a lot of people (especially young people) can relate to Gina, though, especially her feeling that nothing ever happens to her. Especially nowadays, maybe because of the economy, it just seems like there's this ever-present theme of "when is my life going to start?" This is the novel that highlights these feelings with an intelligent spin. Then, when something does actually happen, how does one go about handling it? This book is a meditation on such thoughts, and has a unique perspective of the concerns of modern young women.

I loved the author's take on female friendships and particularly thought that Roxy was a great character, the perfect foil for Gina. Gina's relationship with her mother was very well-depicted and complex.

The reader gets an additional portal into Gina's world when she includes her essays written for Daniel's class, as well as her poetry...which brings me to Daniel. Tackling the Imago captured such a poignant and real infatuation; it really brought me back to those moments in my own life. Truly outstanding! Daniel is a very flawed, very real character who is struggling with his own demons. He can't save Gina, because he can't even save himself.

And yet their chemistry is palpable, albeit inconvenient. This is an intellectual angle on a topic which can seem salacious on the surface—professor/student love—when in reality, the connection can just be a meeting of the minds. I look forward to reading more from this author, and I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people discovered Tackling The Imago. It's that good.

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Nov 20, 2015
by: Psymon h

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