Literary Fiction: Akin

by Robin Murarka

A dazzling adventure, filled with all the electrifying beauty and horror of the human condition.

Surrounded by ancient cultures and an inhospitable desert, Akin revolves around a boy named Aydan whose transition into adulthood is marked by a moral rebellion towards the compliant life he was raised to follow. As his mind begins to explore past atrocities, he is met with severe opposition which compels him to question all he has ever known.

In a tale where the struggle for freedom involves witnessing both the magnificence and hardships of the human condition, Akin depicts universal themes of hope, despair and friendship against a timeless and memorable backdrop.

What One Reader Had To Say!

I enjoy the darker aspects of the novel as well as the character change and development. At times the switching in the narrative from within the boy’s mind and thoughts to an objective narrator of the outside environment is confusing.

I have enjoyed the spiritual journey of how he searches for his truth, and the consequences and hardships that come with it. I felt as if I had been given a unique insight into a man’s spiritual journey as he finds his oneness of his own belief system, and how we often have no real insight of where we are going and who we will become as we live with the risk and constant possibility of failure.

I think the inner strength of will combined with a constant dangling of a broken will, is what creates an inner life that is rich with love and hope and insight. As a criticism, sometimes in the plot there were almost what seemed to be story saves, where the main character missed a near death incident or a lucky strike of fate happened that forced the story forward, or his beloved friend died but he was saved and it appeared almost out of context compared to the rest of the misfortune Akin has had to endure. I enjoyed the first part of the book and his kidnapping and him walking through the desert as well as the rape of the young girl which I thought was much more powerful emotionally than the second part of him entering a city. I thought his relationship with the oracle was a bit tedious and pointless with no real deep emotional attachment and given the fact he lost his father I would assume that relationship would have been more powerful, as this man stepped into an already well established scar.

I did though enjoy the subtle musings about his father and mother. I also found it odd that there is so much clarity about the political structure of the world, but at times during the book basic things were unclear, it felt at times the reader was purposely left in the dark without certain words and subtle descriptions of the environment that would be clear to anyone experiencing it first hand, but then out of nowhere a perfectly clear understanding of the complex social hierarchy and power struggles emerge in the city, I felt that was a strange contradiction. I also enjoyed the transient sexual relationship Akin had near the end with the woman who painfully felt abandoned and unloved as his continued walking towards personal freedom.

I found her perspective and anger towards him so alien to his world, but as a woman I could relate to her sorrow and helplessness as she grasped at straws so to speak to avoid the eventual death and hardship that awaited her in every land she went and her desire to create her own un-found island. I think overall it is an insightful and wise read about the will to live.

Author bio:

Robin Murarka
was born in Canada in 1980 and now resides in Sydney, Australia. After a successful career as a self-employed entrepreneur, Robin dedicated himself to his passion of storytelling in 2009.

Robin's interest in history, psychology and science heavily influences his writing style. His storytelling is elegantly simple, allowing complex and uncompromisingly realistic characters and themes to be universally enjoyed. 'Akin' is Robin's debut novel, published and released in Australia in July 2014.

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Feb 03, 2015
by: Psymon H

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