Genre Fiction: BURNT - Christmas on Fire

by Cary Grant



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BURNT - Christmas on Fire Kindle Edition.

Christmas in 1980s London is the most exciting time for 12 year old Charmaine. The mixed race daughter of an Irish mom and Black dad, Charmaine knows it was rough for her parents when they arrived in London.

Now, they live a charmed life in a flat over her uncle’s blues club. Charmaine knows her parents love her madly, even though they’re always busy making money at the club.

This year, however, Christmas will be better than ever! Charmaine has a very special gift for her parents – a real present paid for with her own money! But how can she ever imagine her greatest joy will turn into her worst tragedy?

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ISBN #: 978-1-326-49684-5
Content ID: 17968994

From the Author

In the era of 70s racism against the Black and the Irish expedited significantly so much so that the hatred could not let ordinary people live a normal life. People belonging to the mix race relationships were petrified and lived in fear persistently.

The increasing racism resulted in victims being bullied and they were not allowed to live in residential properties existing in the city limits because of the discriminative signs.

As a result, the Black and the Irish people were forced to live a less privileged life in the suburban parts of the country.

Burnt: Christmas on Fire, is a story of a young girl who is mix race and grew up in the 70's era seeing her parents being hugely discriminated for their race, colour and creed.

This did come to an end and on growing up she herself fell a prey to it and her first experience was being victimised by a woman who belonged to the similar race as her.

She was discriminated to an extent that her everyday life was emotionally draining. Then came the day of Christmas that changed her and her family's life once and for all and from then on nothing was the same since things became more complex.

Burnt is the debut novel of Cary Grant who spent his childhood among 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the Dulwich estate of South London. He has witnessed hard times while growing up and relates a great part of the story to the happenings of his own childhood.

The philosophy behind his writings is that hard times come and go, but memories remain in a person's life as long as he lives.Events that can bring a change in people's lives should be expressed.

About the Author

Cary grew up in South London and left school at a very young age. He has been an entrepreneur for most his life.

At age 50, he has finally found the time to write, which is something he has been passionate about for the past 10 years.

He currently lives in Surrey with his wife and children, three boys and three girls, most of whom have left home but for two young daughters aged 8 and 12.
Cary's debut novel "BURNT, Christmas on Fire" is available for pre-order on Kindle now, before its official release date of 15th December 2015.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - BURNT - Christmas on Fire

ISBN #: 978-1-326-49684-5
Content ID: 17968994

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Dec 11, 2015
by: Psymon H

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