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Due to our website popularity and the influx of work from our paid book promotion service, we can no longer approve free books at this time.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you would like to have your book promoted using our affordable marketing service, Please Click Here For More Information!

This Free Book Promotion Will Help You To Sell Yourself:

To a gifted minority marketing their books  comes naturally; to the rest, it really doesn’t...Here A Perfect Head Start To Get The Ball Rolling!

Our free book promotion pages have quickly become a favorite with many independent authors around the world, and since 2012 Black Caviar Book Club has provided online billboards where proactive wordsmiths can fashion out a space outside of their personal blogs and social media to promote their work.

These easy to use pages are designed to quickly add another ‘in your face’ marketing dimension, with the added advantage of authors being able to seam together both our free book promotion tool and our extensive paid marketing services for ongoing book exposure.

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Let’s Start From The Top Of The Page!

As you can see from our examples, we give you a title bar where you place your book genre followed by the title. Once your page has been approved, this title bar becomes a clickable link on its chosen genre page.

Scroll a little further down your free book promotion page and you will see that we start by telling readers where they can purchase your title quickly followed by a link straight to your book purchase page. From there readers are sucked into the body of the page with an engaging and well thought out book blurb…We all know how important this part is.

We’ve found that 10’000 characters are enough to pull readers in with a colorful blurb, author bio, chapter snippet and maybe a book trailer video. The cherry on the top of the cake is defiantly the section where you have room for up to four images. Place your book cover and say ‘cheese’ with a grand looking author bio picture.

We add Pinterest ‘Pin It’ tools and caption boxes under each picture…BUT WE DON’T STOP THERE… Look to the right and you’ll quickly spot more social share buttons than most websites offer…That’s because we want to encourage readers to click and share the heck out of your page. We’ve also added a comments area where you can keep everyone updated with the latest and greatest.

How Long Will It Take To  Create A Free Book Promotion Page?

I timed myself against my wife who was painting her nails and beat her hands down. By time I’d finished adding my second book ( on a new page of course), she was still choosing the color for her toes.

Ok, I’m Almost There, But I Still Don’t Get Why I need This Page?

If you’re thinking inside the box, you’ll quickly figure out that with an average of 1000 visitors per day and a 40’000 strong army of social media followers, this would make perfect sense when promoting…

Free KDP Days

Countdown Promos

General exposure for any title.

Each page is set up in such a way that it automatically sends out a tweet to all our book crazy followers while placing a post on our highly followed RSS and image thumbnail book feed, before finding itself as an image thumbnail and title link on one of 25 genre hub-pages. Once your page has found a home amongst its peers, we routinely pull books from our list to promote through our social media platforms.   

Think outside the box and you’ll be stoked to find out that you can use and re-use the hell out of each page whenever you want to run feature book promotions. As easy as 1-2-3, we’ve made it a breeze to turn up the heat with affordable book promotion packages…Now you’re set to get in the face of any potential reader with an eye popping page that has the power to turn a half interested visitor into a fan of your work.

As you well know there are rules to every game, and even more so with our free book promotion.

Submissions posted without images will not be used, and nor will submissions with book blurbs small enough to fit inside a matchbox. You’ve worked hard writing and getting your book edited, so why let yourself down when it comes to marketing your work?

Important Note: Please add your ASIN and/or ISBN number so that we can locate your book.

As our free book promotion service has become very popular, we cannot guarantee the approval of every submission. If you’re serious about getting the word out to our book reading community and hopefully changing those readers into raving fans, why not step up your game with our Bronze, Silver and Gold book promotion packages? In a busy marketplace where millions of authors are fighting for the eyes of every reader, it’s no good standing on the sidelines….Take the time to look through our options and then put thought into action, because by time you’ve read this, another reader has bought your competitor’s book.

Watch our free book promotion video below and see how easy it is to step into the world of Black Caviar promotions.

How To Get Started

1: Choose A Genre From The List on The Right hand Side Of This Page

2: Scroll Down To The Title "Open Up Our Billboards"

3: Start By Adding Your Genre Followed By Your Book Title

4: Follow The Easy Steps

5: Submit

Sounds Great, But Can You Create My Page And Promote It At A Reasonable Price?

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We understand that you’re busy writing your next book, and we also appreciate that marketing your work can be both expensive and time consuming…That’s why we’ve made it easy by providing affordable book promotion packages to save you time and a boat load of cash.     

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