Fiction: Tender Obsession

by Steven Todd Fisher



Sexy New Orleans Mystery: Tender Obsession.

Down in the bayou, in the culturally rich city of New Orleans, an upheaval ensued during the season of Mardi Gras. A well-known, well-loved state politician found himself in a heap of trouble during an election year. An African-American, Lieutenant Muskrat of the New Orleans Police Department, was assigned to handle the case…reluctantly.

In the midst of the turmoil, a young, beautiful woman of Asian descent by the name of Ko Jung who also happens to be an escort, alias Muffin Won, turned both of their worlds upside-down.

Two people are thrust together by circumstance, expanding the boundaries of normal relations.

A marriage occurred before any relationship developed; an opened one at that, which slowly and steadily becomes a by-product of both partners’ over commitment towards the other. A distinct line is drawn between sexuality and true intimacy. A battle between conditional obsession and unconditional affection emerges.

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By horrorgirldonna on October 25, 2015

Set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, Tender Obsession tells the story of a beloved politician who finds himself in a heap of trouble and Lieutenant Muskrat of the NOPD is assigned to handle the case. In the middle of the chaos, Muskrat suddenly finds his life intwined with the sexy Asian escort, Ko Jung, aka Muffin Won.

Author Steven Todd Fisher has created an enticing page turner that captures the steamy essence of the beautiful bayou and the eroticism of two people thrust into an unlikely relationship. Fisher does a great job creating these characters—both were interesting and multi-dimensional. The love scenes, while erotic, never stray over the line of good taste. More important, the plot held my interest.

I needed to see what happened next—I was invested in the characters and their situation right off the bat. Terrific novel. Fisher is definitely an author that I’ll be looking out for.


If you're reading this, maybe you could become a potential audience of mine. I don't write in any particular fiction genre, so therefore I don't have a targeted audience. My plot and characters are all true to their identity. I try to tell a story in unusual ways. There are always romance, drama, mystery/suspense, bizarre circumstances, some philosophy, part literary narration, and part straight talk. A little spirituality(non-religious), and a little eroticism are mixed in, depending on the character or situation. I look at myself as more of an underground think outside of the norm...opening my mind and expanding my soul to reach every facet of life. I try to make each book of mine different from the last while still giving readers that entertaining escape into someone else's world. A lot of the characters I write about may be controversial. But isn't all of life?

Ayna Rayne: Girl Unusual was selected as one of the 2015 Finalists for The National Indie Excellence Book Awards under the category of general fiction.

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Oct 27, 2015
by: Psymon H

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