Fiction: Nick Slick, Private Dick

by Jameson Tucker

Fiction: Nick Slick, Private Dick - A Twisted Tale of Smokin' Hot Zombie Noir Gone Mad.

Publication Date: March 23, 2015

What do you do when walking-dead prostitutes are taking over the streets of the city? If you're Nick Slick, you pop a used breath mint in your mouth and spring into some kind of action.

It all starts out innocently enough: After a seemingly lost night on the seedy side of town, our libidinous hero wakes up by an overstuffed Dumpster in a nameless back-alley behind a nameless watering hole of a bar, an equally gamey vintage working gal by his side.

But when his trash-side companion is promptly snatched up by someone or something unknown, and right under his nose no less, private investigator Nick Slick is on the case, on it like a cop on a donut, despite his endlessly unending hangover-from-hell. Said "case," however, promptly becomes messier than a fudgesicle in July, what with duplicitous docs and dirty cops and dirtier bad girls crawling out of the proverbial woodwork seemingly at every turn; that, and an increasingly voracious gaggle of walking-dead street girls who seem to want nothing more than to have our hapless P.I. for lunch. Some days, it seems, it just doesn't pay to raise yourself up out of the garbage.

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Author Bio

Jameson Tucker
is a writer/artist who lives in the Midwest, which is where much of his sarcasm comes from. He is the author of NICK SLICK, PRIVATE DICK: A TWISTED TALE OF SMOKIN' HOT ZOMBIE NOIR GONE MAD, and (under the pseudonym Davina Deville) THE SEX-PUPPETS OF POOPERVILLE, both of which are currently available for download from His next book project, meanwhile, is currently in the works. Aside from his website at, you can also visit his Facebook Page at, and you can find (and purchase) much of his artistic work at the Artistic Limits online storefront at

About the writing process:

"The really good stuff, I believe, comes from someplace deep, and, if it's really, really good (in my humble opinion, mind you), it'll all but demand to be told in one form or another, be it as an e-book, a Twysted Tale, or whatever. And, to be (hopefully) shared, of course!"

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This was not your average read! I loved the excitement of never knowing what to expect. The characters and storyline definitely didn't follow any of the boring old plot ideas that are so overdone in other stories. The writing was gritty and not afraid to venture into "raw" territory.

This was a completely unique read that combined a wonderful mashup of different genres (zombie and PI). I was also a fan of the "private dick talk", it felt very genuine and added a flavour to the story that was reminiscent of the classic private detective stories. The zombies seemed to come totally out of nowhere, but again was very well done and added a wacky twist to the story. It also had some humorous parts such as mispronouncing the name of Detective Baalz. All in all a great read, I highly recommend for anyone that is tired of the same old thing.

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Jun 02, 2015
by: Psymon H

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