Fiction: Innocent Crook

by D. E. Rogers



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When one is born into a family of crime, can he rise above and become someone? Are we forever bound by what life has dealt us or is there a way out? Read the exciting story of Jupiter, a teenage black kid caught between his mother and aunt, and the struggle to control their drug dealing business. Jupiter’s journey, from a scared teen looking out for his younger sister to a successful high school graduate with a Harvard scholarship, will inspire and move you.

“Innocent Crook” is about overcoming your circumstances, learning that family alone doesn’t define you and that the power to succeed is inside any of us. It’s about personal responsibility, setting goals, and following your own path. A story about love, regret, determination, forgiveness and revenge that will keep you turning the pages for an exciting and unexpected conclusion.

“Innocent Crook” was named winner at the San Francisco Book Festival and won the award for Best Unpublished Book at the Paris Book Festival. The writer d. E. Rogers can be found at Amazon’s Bestselling Author lists quite often.

Editorial Reviews

Innocent Crook d. E. Rogers Rogers Entertainment Group International (REGI) ISBN: 978-0-9708808-9-5 Fiction EBook Suzie Housley Midwest Book Reviewer In Memphis, Tennessee Maggie May made a living by being a bank robber and a drug dealer.

She was ruthless in her pursuit to finance her business. She specialized in selling, robbing, stealing and partying. She has two children Juniper who was fourteen and Penny was six.

She had no parental skills and often failed often to perform her mother duties. Juniper found himself taking on the role of parent to Penny. When Maggie makes a wrong decision to involve Juniper and Penny in one of her bank robbery the children find themselves being innocent pawns in the chaos of the situation.

When questioned by the police officer where his mother is, he quickly lies to protect her and them. Then they find themselves at the police precinct with their Aunt Justine showing up to rescue them.

Will they be jumping out of the frying pan into a hotter hell? Can Juniper protect him and his sister from the dark days that are certain to be ahead?

INNOCENT CROOK is a book that is filled with a potpourri of high intense emotional scenes. From page one you are swept away as you are presented with a drug bust.

here you meet Maggie a street wise drug dealer and bank robber. Maggie is a strong woman who refuses to let anyone stand in her way to get what she thinks she deserves in lives. Even her kids find themselves caught in her web of self-absorption.

As the additional characters are introduced each one lends great substance to the overall plot. d. E. Rogers has proven to me that he is an exceptional author who knows how to write a very compelling story.

I found so many of my own emotions being tested while I was reading this book. Anger at Maggie for the neglect she showed her children. Compassion and admiration for Juniper who even though he was living a horrible home life he was able to rise above the situation to be an award winning student. To say this book touched my heart and soul is an understatement.

About the Author

d. E. Rogers
has written nine novels and directed several short films. His most recent novel, Innocent Crook, has won Best Unpublished Book at both the San Francisco and Paris Book Festivals.

With a passion for learning, he has a bachelor's degree from Purdue University and an MBA from Bethel College. In addition, he has attended the New York Film Academy, the University of Notre Dame, and has been certified by Stanford University as a project manager.

When he's not busy writing, he runs a 501c3 Nonprofit, The Next Great Writer, which teaches teenagers how to write their first book. To learn more find Mr. Rogers on Amazon or his website:

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Oct 13, 2016
by: Psymon H

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