Fiction - Dreams: Being Chased

by Linh Nguyen



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Fiction - Dreams: Being Chased (Dreams, Dream, Being Chased, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmare, Horror, Wisdom, Meanings) Kindle Edition.

As an avid dreamer, I have always been interested in the plotline of dreams and the meanings behind them. The purpose of this series is to replicate the sensation of what it feels like to be in a common dream that most people have experienced but could not put into word.

One of the most common scenarios that people experienced in dreams is being chased. Being chased could sometimes indicate that you are trying to deal with anxiety or stress in real life, but doesn’t know how to; therefore, in your dream, you will attempt to run away from your problems as they continue to hunt you down. Your problems could be internal or external.

As you read this story, I would like for you to think of your past dreams that were similar to this. Think of what the figure or animal that chases you in your dream could represent in your real life. I hope this book will inspire you to learn more about dreams.

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By Amazon Customer on March 9, 2016

This book was highly informational on how it makes you further the comprehension of dreams. It was an interesting insight on some psychological factors that can explain possibly the solution to the types of dreams we all face one way or another.

The detail on the experienced dreams was both intriguing and relatable in a sense of similarity between common dreams.

The idea is to inspire others to find the root of their problems through hinting factors in their dreams. Some areas of the book are more darker than others but overall, it was very thought provoking, very interesting.

I hope there is more to this series because its a fascinating concept.

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Mar 14, 2016
by: PsymonH

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