Fiction, Action Adventure: Turbocharged

by Michael David

Fiction, Action Adventure: Turbocharged

Eric lives and breathes cars. He's grown up alongside his estranged older brother and works alongside his best friend Kev - an illegal street racing veteran. Now a young adrenaline-laden high school graduate, the streets of the city of San Iago are this man's oyster as he sets out to delve into the depths of a world of enthralling speed and terrible dangers.

With an ongoing conflict between racers from all different sects of the underground world, Eric declares steadfast loyalty to the group of import "tuners". But when he encounters a group of muscle car enthusiasts willing to take bad blood to the next level, is Eric ready to go all-in as the city streets degrade into all-out war?

Turbocharged follows the development of Eric from a young, naïve boy with starry-eyed ambitions to a seasoned tuner having nearly been in the back seat of a cop car more times than he can count. Throughout his journey, shock and tragedy await at every corner. Everything is at risk for the sake of pride, from losing your car, license or receiving hefty fines. Even your very life is at stake, as soon becomes painfully clear.

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If you are a car enthusiast, race fan, or street racer, you will be immediately taken by this novel. If not, you can still enjoy it as a read different from your usual because it is a story about people, their ambitions, desires, and conflicts. Be prepared, however, for a large measure of technical descriptions about automobiles and their modification, pumped for street racing, probably more than the average person can understand.

This novel is more than a story about cars. Primarily, it is about Eric whose young life revolves around street racing and modifying cars for that purpose. He is young, inexperienced, and oblivious to the inherent dangers. He is unaware that tragedy is constantly looking over his shoulder.

This novel deserves a 5 star rating in its genre because of the writer's knowledge and presentation (writing style). Characters are well-defined, believable, interesting, and come alive through the author's pen. Although the characters are a select set, they are understandable.

The conflict between the tuners and muscle car enthusiasts and the excitement of the street takes the reader into another world. Bottom line: first-rate story development and characterization. Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and Evil.

Author bio:

Michael David
is no stranger to the world of automotive engineering. Despite having built multiple turbocharged vehicles, he harbors a love for cars of all makes and models. A former Hopkins student, Michael holds three degrees in the fields of science, physics and mathematics preceded by a childhood legacy as a long-time member of American MENSA.

He has held a love of flying since a young age and has only recently become a certified private pilot based on his learnings after ten years of service in the Air Force auxiliary. In high school he found a penchant for bringing his creativity to life on paper.

Turbocharged was originally penned as a fan-fiction inspired by a Fast and Furious movie marathon, and has since turned into a sensation on its own. Now universally raved by critics, Michael's breakthrough novel has turned his attention to utilizing his creativity to patenting innovations and making a living through his own creativity.

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Apr 06, 2015
by: Psymon H

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