Fiction: 11.11.11 After so Many Years of Tears

by Benyf (Author), ShiCara Barber (Editor)



Fiction and Poems, Self-Help and Romance - 11.11.11 After so Many Years of Tears: Letters to My Distant Soul-Mate Kindle Edition...Also Available In Paperback & Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Every human being suffers pain in life. No one's life is devoid of suffering. Be it in the form of heartbreak, traumatic event or setbacks. From all these the soul requires healing. Lessons are to be drawn from them with a need to move on and evolve. But sometimes incidents damage us in ways which require rehabilitation. But few sources are there to address them and offer rehabilitation. This is a book that gives a message of consciousness and the realization of one's talents and potentialities to fulfill them. It's a thrilling tale of a woman who quests to find inner satisfaction and in the process touches lives of many, a journey of love and self-discovery.

Though a work of fiction, it is inspired by true events which offer healing to the soul. It is narrated with prose and poetry which will engage the readers and also satisfy literary readers.

The book involves 3 main characters of different occupations and ethnic origins who go through different hardships suffering heartbreaks, abandonments, compromises, and breakthroughs during their quest for a deeper meaning of life. In the course of their adventures love, consciousness, happiness, healing, Africanism, masculinity, feminism, polygamy, religion, vulnerability, and maturity are discussed. Ultimately, life lessons are learned from this entire phenomenon where love and self-actualization prevail.

The author Benyf, a former Morris Brown College student, a graduate of Fisk University and of Georgia State University gives a heart-written narration with the purpose to heal others' hearts, a road map for the next generation. Psychological ideas such as self-actualization, identity crisis, consciousness, and change are explored. It’s a reflection on feminism and evolution with important life lessons to be learnt. Furthermore, the book offers its services for everyone, male or female, universal or unique. Take a dive into this world of Benyf to enrich and revitalize soul.

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By Amazon Customer on February 14, 2016

Family, I want to personally recommend that you purchase this book in support of a truly dynamic and amazing soul. My personal relationship with her as her children's martial arts instructor and mentor, coupled with the countless opportunities that I have been given by the universe to speak directly into her life and be encouraged by her words, causes me to make an unconditional recommendation that you read this book. You will not be the same after doing so.

And, expect to hear her speak and share about her book during an exclusive interview she will be giving to me on Talk To Me very very soon.
Congratulations my sister. We are all very proud of you and encouraged by your journey.

Baruti Muenda Meriamen


After working on my Masters in Mathematics and Statistics, I took a few years off to reflect on my life goals. In fact, I was offered an immediate admission into a PhD program in Mathematics at the time. However, I was on a personal spiritual journey of self-discovery at that time. I henceforth decided to enroll into a doctoral program in Education Leadership instead.

My friends wondered why I chose that particular route for my research, but I explained that I had existential questions that needed to be answered such as "What is self-efficacy and resilience?"

It was evident to me that my spirit was thirsting to understand the fundamentals of "Unbreakable spirit."

As a doctoral researcher in Organizational Leadership, I explore psychological ideas such as self-actualization, identity crisis, consciousness, and change.
As an immigrant, I explore the psychology of immigrants and non-immigrants amidst unexpected setbacks.

As a woman in a changing world, I reflect on feminism and evolution.
As a mother, I reflect on important life lessons such as forgiveness, authenticity, humility, and unity.

I write from my heart. I write to heal my heart, and in the process I write to heal others' hearts.

If I were to travel 10 years back in time, my younger self would never believe this story, never.

On this note, in my writing, I create fictional characters that are inspired by true events.
Compelled by my desire to be true, prompted by authenticity, and motivated by a calling to leave a roadmap for the next generation, I write, I dare to speak, I dare to express, I dare to dream and I dare to believe.

With this said, it appear that my motto as an author, speaker, mentor, and poet is,
"I write from my heart. I write to heal my heart, and in the process I write to heal others' hearts."

In 11.11.11 After so Many Years of Tears, Letters to My Distant Soul-Mate, I have written a book about authenticity in a world of survival. It is also an original immigrant's voice, a personal journey and breakthrough in a world of sales and sensationalism.

People often ask me, "What is your book about?"
And I never know how to condense 150 pages into an elevator speech; they henceforth receive a different answer each time depending on my spiritual truth for the day. As I reflect on my responses, I will have to say that the recurring theme in my response is,
"It is an African story about authenticity, vulnerability, consciousness, and hope. One should never give up in life."

In that answer, I realize that my book is an extension of my doctoral dissertation journey; it is a novel for men and women on healing, openness, self-awareness, and self-actualization.
Ultimately, I hope to connect with one longing soul out there that will say,
"Me too!"

Male or female, younger or wiser, universal and unique, I invite you to journey into BENYF world.

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Mar 20, 2016
by: Psymon H

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