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#Dystopian #Fiction: The Begining At The End Of The World 
Available On Kindle FOR EVERY END, THERE IS A BEGINNING Growth must happen— so says Darwin, anyway. I’m Laura, and my Villagers and …

#Dystopian #Fiction: The Temple 
Available On Kindle And In Paperback A BOMB EXPLODES TEARING APART A BUS. Jeremiah, Master of the Temple, is an unscrupulous fraudster, liar …

#Dystopian: Shattered Worlds: Six Dystopian Novels 
Read these bestselling tales of survival against the odds, dark worlds, dystopian regimes and heroic rebels. Now Only $.99

Adult #Dystopian: X-Novo 
A no-holds-barred Dystopia exploring the dark side of both genders' psyche. Available On Kindle blurb 20#6 AD. Following the …

Dystopian: Turning - New World Order, Book 1 
Katherine Holt lives in a state of desperate poverty in the Lower Quarter of Incorporated Municipality Number 27, FEMA Region II, foraging for food with …

Dark #Dystopian #Fiction: Whispering Peak 
Martha and her brother were born in the Outlands. They have only heard stories of Invictus, the grand capital city; they have never seen it for themselves. …

#Distopian: The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby 
Toby, the boy with cat ears, has moved from the caverns to a new home above ground. One night a mysterious light falls from the sky and Toby begins a new …

#Dystopian #Zombie #Fiction: The Z Contingency  
What if one of the world's top virologists predicts that a deadly virus will mutate into a highly contagious form causing people to turn into zombies? …

#Dystopian "Creating Monsters" 
A psychedelic romance in a city on the verge of disaster. In modern Philadelphia, where a deep economic depression has left the city near collapse and …

#DystopianFiction: Eric is Awake 
Orwell is Alive Shortly after midnight on the 21st January 1950, the man known to his readers as George Orwell and to his new bride Sonia, as Eric Arthur …

#DystopianFiction When the Chips Are Down 
You’re part of their system. You’re just another number on a long list of anonymous integers. You’re breathing their air, you’re taking up their space, …

Dystopian Science Fiction: “The Watchers”  
MIDDLEBORO, Mass. – In his new dystopian future science fiction novel “The Watchers” Douglas C. Atkins draws inspiration from environmental issues, political …

Dytopian Romance: Land of the Unaltered 
Rose comes from the capital of the Confederation of Cities where its citizens live in luxury and the greatest fashion statement of all is being Altered. …

Dystopian Fiction / Price of a Bounty 
In a world divided, where would you stand? With nowhere to turn, where would you go? If someone offered you a way out, would you take it? What would …

Dystopian: Leather to the Corinthians 
Ready for some surreal and satirical dystopian fiction? Time to dive into the weird world of Leather to the Corinthians! AVAILABLE AT AMAZON: http://amzn.com/098852610 …

Dystopian Science Fantasy: Khe 
Immerse Yourself in a New World Khe loves her simple life on a farming commune, until she discovers that her gift for pushing the crops is a …

Dystopian Fantasy- The Exemeus 
Hyalee Smith is dead, she just doesn’t know it yet. Her short life was devoted to love and to hate. Love of the man who stole her heart, hate for the …

Dystopian fiction/ Science Fiction: No Greater Illusion 
In the very near future, surging advancements in technology have afforded American citizens with a number of conveniences. Of these, most notable …

#Dystopia Fiction: Omni Not rated yet
Andrea Murray has been teaching English for longer than most of her students have been alive. She has a BSE and an MA in English and has taught …

Dystopian: Cactus Land Not rated yet
Hi Jessy, I am re-releasing my dystopian novel Cactus Land, as my new novel is about to be published. I decided to use Smashwords and offer it for …

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Genre Description

Dystopian Fiction

Dystopia is defined as the social order branded by a concentration on mass poverty, shabbiness, sorrow or cruelty. Most authors of dystopian fiction investigates at least one reason why things are that way, frequently as an resemblance for similar issues in the real world.

A dystopia is usually a fictional community or society that is in some significant way unfavorable or frightening. It is the opposite of utopia. Such cultures appear in many works of fiction, predominantly in tales set in a speculative future. Dystopias are often categorized by dehumanization, autocratic governments or other characteristics associated with a catastrophic decline in society..

Famous dystopian fiction depictions of such societies include Nineteen Eighty-Four, an oppressive aggressive super state; Brave New World, where the human inhabitants are placed under a caste of psychological division, aspects of the film Demolition Man, and Fahrenheit 451, where the state burns writings out of trepidation of what they may inflame. The Iron Heel was labeled "the earliest of the modern Dystopian" by Erich Fromm. Resource

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