Daniel Friedmann Pops In To Talk About His Book 

It’s always a great pleasure and an acknowledgement of one’s hard work to be asked for an inclusion in an author’s virtual book blog tour. When we got the invitation, we were more than happy to do our part to help spread the word out about Daniel Friedmann’s title “The Broken Gift (Inspired Studies)”

We would like to give you a mini introduction to Daniel and his work before leading you into our “Interview With An Author” four question article and would ask that you add this title to your “must read” list.

Author Bio:

Born in Chile and raised in Canada, Daniel Friedmann studies the origin of the universe and life on earth from both the scientific and Biblical perspectives. He holds a master’s degree in engineering physics and is CEO of a leading Canadian aerospace company.

Daniel Friedmann’s first book, The Genesis One Code, demonstrated an alignment between key events and times as described in the creation narrative in the book of Genesis with those derived from scientific theory and observation.

Through his writings, speaking engagements and appearances on television and radio, he wishes to help the young and all students of our world put science and the Bible into mutually comprehensible, and in turn respectful, contexts.

The Broken Gift

Was Adam the first man? Was man created by divine act in less than one day almost 6,000 years ago, as the Bible suggests?

Or did man appear 200,000 years ago as the culmination of numerous human-like species that existed during a span of millions of years, as the scientific record shows?

                Both cannot be right. Or can they?

Imagine there exist manuscripts, written centuries ago, that could help us objectively decipher Genesis and thereby extract the timeline and key events recounting the appearance and early history of our species, Homo sapiens, precisely as identified by the latest scientific evidence derived from the fossil record and genetic studies.

The Broken Gift carefully examines the relationship between scientific theory and biblical teachings. The book approaches the human origins debate from a fresh perspective informed by both scientific and scriptural research. The book demonstrates alignment between key events and their dates relating to the appearance and early history of our species as described in Genesis chapters 1 through 11 (Adam, Adam’s descendants, the Flood, and the fall of Babel) with those derived from scientific observation.

Could both be true? Is the evidence solid or is it sophistry? You’ll have to be the judge.

Psymon H: What is the relationship between scientific theory and biblical teaching?

Science examines our world and tries to understand it and postulate theories of how the universe and life unfolded. The Bible, in Genesis, also describes how the universe and life came to be. Thus both bodies of knowledge are describing the same thing - one by looking at the end product - the universe and life, and the other by consulting the design manual - the Bible.

As such they should agree. My books explore both bodies of knowledge in detail and show significant agreement between them and some enlightening disagreements - from which we can learn and enhance our overall knowledge of the biggest question we can ask ourselves - how did we get here?

Psymon H: How did the title “The Broken Gift” come about and what is the message behind the title?

The biggest question relating to humans is: how did we acquire what science calls modern human behavior, characterized primarily by speech and symbolic thought? At this point we have no clear scientific theory as to how these behaviors came about.

Biblically we are told that these behaviors come from our soul. Furthermore, we are told Adam originally contained an all-inclusive soul. When he sinned this all-inclusive soul broke in to billions of individual souls, which have and continue to be born into each human being.

Hence this is where the title The Broken Gift came from. Thus, the broken gift is each one of the individual souls from Adam that each of us carry. It is our job to rectify the piece of Adam’s all-inclusive soul that we were given by behaving morally.

Psymon H: Is there one message you would like the reader to take away with them? What would this be?

Today the majority believes that scientific theory and biblical teaching relating to the appearance of humans are in contradiction. The Broken Gift shows that this is not the case.

The Bible and science agree on what happened and when it happened as humans appeared on earth and begun behaving as we do today. They only disagree on whether the whole process was random or purposeful.

Psymon H: Can you give us an idea how the book has been received and would love insight on the man behind the book?

The book has been well received. It is the first book to delve into the subject thoroughly and deeply informed by both peer reviewed science and scripture. For readers comments and some reviews see the author’s website www.danielfriedmannbooks.com. The author has a unique background of extensive scientific training and work and, as well, over a decade of study of scripture relating to the Genesis creation narrative. For more information see the author’s website mentioned above .

fire Up Your KIndle With This Title

We would like to thank Daniel for taking the time to stop by and wish him the very best with this and future book projects. If you would like a copy of "The Broken Gift" please click the link above. 


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