Simple Meals for Work -
Eat Well, Feel Great
Deborah Fox
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Simple Meals for Work, by Deborah Fox, offers the reader a proven way to get organized for healthy eating at work. It shows step by step how to eat right with healthy tasty food.
This book is part of a book series by Deborah Fox which deals with nutrition and how to lose weight without having to go through diets and counting calories.

Deborah, her family, and other families have used her method to eat mostly basic, nutritious, tasty food, and they all lost weight and feel great.

Most recipes you will find in Deborah’s book series are based on Mediterranean cuisine because the food is colorful, varied, fresh, nutrient-rich, and delicious. Mediterranean cuisine is based on fresh products, plenty of vegetables and herbs, legumes and grains, olive oil, cheese, and fresh meat.

In Simple Meals for Work you will learn special tips on how to implement eating well easily in your daily life. You will find tasty, easy-to-make recipes organized in a very easy-to-use way and lots of tips for how to get organized to make great food for work.

Healthy food makes the digestive system work well, and that’s how we lose weight. The secret is to stick to guidelines for the amount and quality of food we eat, and that’s very easy. The more nutritious food we eat, the fewer sugars and carbohydrates we need. When you use the suggestions in this e-book, you will notice it yourself.

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Chapter 1 
Planning & Preparing Healthy Food for Work

During a busy work week, preparing food for lunch can seem overwhelming, leading many of us to drive through the fast-food lanes for convenience.


That is a HUGE mistake!


I can say this, because I’ve been there, too. The problem is, not only are most of these foods lacking in nutritional value, they often contain high levels of sodium, preservatives and unnecessary fats.


We spend most of our days at work; our health must be our top priority! We can't be healthy and energetic if we don't eat and drink healthy food. Our nutrition is our fuel.


I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to take the hassle out of your daily lunch!

Create a Meal Plan

How can you prepare nutritious lunches for the week that are fast and easy?


First, you need to spend a few moments planning before heading out to the grocery store. The first step involved in planning your weekly work lunches is to create a meal plan.


What do you plan to serve this week?


Think simply. What items will you eat at work, including nutritious snacks?


I know that hopeless feeling when I’m packing food for work. It’s daunting and tiresome! Have no fear—I'll give you the tools and ideas to get you over the meal-planning hump!


The best way to approach this is to create a meal plan with a list of everything you will eat for each meal, noting what will need prepared ahead of time. Doing so allows you to coast throughout your week without stressing about what you need to create, buy, or reheat.

If you're like most busy people, you’re not interested in preparing dinners daily.


This is where “batch” cooking comes into play.


This concept involves making more of an entire dish, or part of a dish, to be reused at a later point during the week for work or other meals.


If you cook more than is needed for one meal, you can eat it again for the next day’s dinner, or pack it in your work lunch.


Now that you have created a meal plan, you need to shop for the needed ingredients at your local grocery store. While at the store, focus on your prepared list and keep these two things in mind:

* Avoid prepackaged items

* Choose the freshest produce possible


Be sure to consider both lunches and snacks for each work day. Most adults, like children, are hungry during the mid-afternoon time frame, so plan your snacks accordingly so you won’t be famished at the end of the day, which can lead to overeating or making bad food choices.


We all need to understand how food has made us who we are today and how it shapes our future. There’s a feeling of hope and excitement when picking perfectly ripe tomatoes, or the tastiest cheese. Preparing food that’s simple and healthy is important, sure, but it should also be fun. It should inspire us and fill us with wonder; and it should translate to the rest of our lives. To see how to plan and prepare tasty meals for work in more detail, read on!

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