#ContemporaryRomance - Urban Princess vs. the Superhunk: A Modern Day Love Story

by Zoey Duncan
(Chester, UK)

Urban Princess vs. the Superhunk: A Modern Day Love Story by Zoey Duncan, available On Kindle And In Paperback

This steamy, entertaining page-turner explores the emotional journeys and relationships of two young women who work in the same office. When power-figure Jack walks into the life of sweet, naïve Ella she thinks she’s met the perfect man. How wrong could she be?


Today Ella wanted to make a good first impression on the new Director, so had programmed her alarm clock to go off early and she reached work by 8:30am. As she pulled into the parking lot there was a shiny black estate car in the space next to hers. She felt a shiver run down her spine, excited by the change. Wearing a new skirt suit she’d bought on Saturday, with the new cat brooch from her old boss pinned to her lapel, she walked nervously into the office, which was surprisingly void of Directors.

“Where is everyone?” Ella called out to Sheena, who was doodling on a notepad. “I’m not that early.”

Sheena glided over to Ella on her wheeled chair, her huge smile showing perfect, straight teeth.

“Oh wow, I think I’m in love,” Sheena grinned. “The new Director is soooo dreamy; he’s a total superhunk.”

Ella thought Sheena could be a bit childish sometimes, and her attitude wasn’t very professional. However, she was very popular at work so Ella figured she could maybe learn a thing or two from her. Sheena was normally very frosty with Ella, who she viewed as competition, and this was the friendliest she had ever been with her. So Ella humoured her and joined in with the gossip.

“Really? What’s he like?” asked Ella, curiously.

“You’ll see in a minute - he’s in the meeting room at the end with Alistair. They’ve been in there ages so they must be nearly finished.” She looked Ella straight in the eye and grinned again. “Seriously, I don’t know how you’ll get any work done. You’ll be totally distracted.” Her grin became sly-looking. “Actually, I might put in a request for a switch. Alistair’s lovely but he’s so vanilla,” she giggled.

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Aug 12, 2014
by: Psymon H

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