#ContemporaryRomance: The Advent of Lena- A tale of Beauty and the Beast

by Neil M Campbell

A Must Read For Those Who Appeciate Great Prose And Plot

A Must Read For Those Who Appeciate Great Prose And Plot

A Must Read For Those Who Appeciate Great Prose And Plot

Unhappy Beast sets out to involve the shining soul of Beauty in his spiritual rebirth . . .
Chloe Lambert is used to men looking at her twice but for all the wrong reasons - they cannot believe how ugly she is.

She has no reason to think Park Delafield, of the perfect profile and cheek bones to die for, is any different when he insults her in a pub. But all is not as it seems, turns out he's looking for salvation and has decided she's the one. Only trouble is, Chloe's not so sure.

Neil M Campbell
lives on the west coast of Scotland, where he does landscape gardening and walks a lot amid splendid maritime and mountain scenery. He’s always loved to write, finding it spiritually, psychologically and indeed physically beneficial.

The story of Beauty and the Beast has fascinated him since childhood. He was swept away by La Belle et la Bete - still is every time he sees it - but it wasn't until an event took place in his own life that the seed was planted which later became The Advent of Lena.

What One Reader Had To Say About This Title

By Sabaah Jauhar
I know some people out there have given this a negative review, but I found this to be a refreshing twist on the "Beauty & the Beast" story. Yeah, the good looking male character is a jerk and his motives for seeking out Chloe are purely based on selfish reasons, but throughout the story, he changes. Maybe not as quickly as some would like to see, but he changes slowly in a realistic and believable way.

Once he truly "sees" Chloe for who she is-funny, smart, adorably quirky-her looks start to not matter for him. Even when he screws up towards the end and sleeps with a woman whom he doesn't like (lusts after-a bit, but he really doesn't like her), he really does love Chloe. But he's human and therefore, flawed. You get to see his other twisted relationships and how those were wrong not only for him, but for those women as well.

Chloe is probably the first and only woman he has been honest with when he does confess all to her. And that is what makes the ending so bittersweet. He does love her at the end and even though they are no longer together (due to his mistakes and his hurtful actions), there is a sense of HOPE at the end. Chloe doesn't forsake him, she doesn't reject him; she listens to him and let's him know that they need to get to know each other all over again and she needs to be able to trust him.

But, she cares for him and she can tell that he does care for her. The author has truly shown that while we as a society judge others by how they look, there are those who can learn and do learn to look beyond the superficial. At the end of the story, in my mind, they end up together and get their happy ending.

While it may not be a "happily ever after" all the time, I do feel that it's a "happily ever after" for most of it. Kudos for the author to show that it's who someone is inside that can make us happy and not looks. Looks fade but souls don't.

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Dec 05, 2013
The Advent of Lena- A tale of Beauty and the Beast
by: Psymon H

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