Contemporary Romance: HERO

by Bella Love-Wins

A delightful delicious read!

A delightful delicious read!

Contemporary Romance, New Adult and College Romance, A Serial - HERO (The Billionaire Salvation Series Book 1 by Bella Love-Wins.

She was hoping for a hero, but never realized who she would save. ~
This is a contemporary, new adult romance novel serial.

For 18+ readers. Kate Samuel thought she had left it all behind.

The life of a billionaire's daughter, and her incessant search for her macho hero type. When she saved a neighbor's young son during a fire at her new row house home in lower Manhattan, everything changed. And firefighter Lieutenant Matt Lewis made it all the more confusing. Yeah…he was hotter than any man she imagined being with, but could he be just like the rest of the hero heart-breakers?

What One Reader Had To Say!

Kate is a really wonderful character: strong, independent and making it on her own. She’s had some bad experiences with men but has the highest of hopes: she wants a hero. She daydreams about finding him, fantasizes about finding him, gets aroused and excited just thinking about him … will she ever succeed in finding him? Kate is then presented with an emergency situation and without hesitating, she rushes to save a little boy without any concern for her own safety and … you guessed it: Kate ends up being declared a hero.

The continuing story, though short, is really fun since fate has possibly intervened to make all her wishes come true (and satiate some of those racy desires of hers as well). Ahh, but it’s so entertaining to follow along, waiting to see what might evolve, then watching as things happen, hoping for the best and worried (of course !!) for the worst. Those fates can be fickle! The author really enjoys writing a great story and that comes shining through with all the details, the secondary characters, the intimate thoughts of Kate herself, and then ... all too quickly … the story reaches that point where the author has stopped this first book in her serial.

I definitely want to enjoy reading more and more about Kate to learn where her quest for a hero will take her and experience more of those hot, sexy, satisfyingly delicious escapades along the way, regardless of where she ends up. I just know it’ll be so much fun getting there!

Authors' Bio:

is a communications analyst and lover of all things writing. She is 23 years old and lives in north Toronto. Bella enjoys the countryside, great romance stories, and dreams of writing romance full time and owning a Shih Tzu.

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Dec 30, 2014
by: Psymon H

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