Contemporary Romance: BOSS Brothers

by Olivia Hawthorne (Author), Olivia Long (Author)

ASIN: B01CR14410

ASIN: B01CR14410

Contemporary Romance: BOSS Brothers Kindle Edition...Also Available In Paperback & Free With Kindle Unlimited.

Riley Bennett is a beautiful, proud young woman. Freshly graduated with honors in business, she is simply looking for a little fun at her mother's third wedding party before her career takes over and leaves her no room to play.

After a humiliating night with a handsome stranger, she accepts a position in her stepfather's multi-billion dollar shipping conglomerate which means accepting his twin sons as her bosses.

Maddox and Gunner Boss couldn't be more different, they clashed constantly and desired different things in life until they both set their sights on the delectable new Junior Associate, Riley.

Would their workplace dalliance lead to disaster? Will Riley be forced to make a choice, or will she give up and walk away all together?

ORIGINALLY published as a nine part serial from Olivia Hawthorne titled The Billionaire Boss Brothers. This includes all nine parts plus 11,000 extra words of bonus material, so enjoy their dirty, beautiful story from front to back.

CONTAINS graphic language, so please don't read if you're not into hot billionaires and steamy sex that will curl your toes and make you wonder where you can find a pair of hot, stacked, muscled twins like Maddox and Gunner BOSS.

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By Linda on March 9, 2016

Wow what an awesome book. Olivia is an amazing author, I absolutely loved this story. She keeps you interested an entertained through out this book. She just makes you feel like you are in the story with characters. This story is fantastically written an has a few twist that I wasn't prepared for.

Riley is a very beautiful young lady an her mother is getting married again after a few years or beginning divorced. Riley doesn't know much about her new stepfather an has no clue if he has kids.

Riley goes to her mother's wedding deciding not to participate in this one. She sitting in the pews with everyone else. She looks up as the wedding party walks by an looks in the bluest eyes of the sexiest man she has ever seen. She sees him again at the reception party. She is drinking an has probably drank to much, she decides to leave an go home. As she's walking down the steps in her heels she trips an outta no where a deep masculine voice an hard arms save her from face planting in the concrete.

She knows she had to much to drink now, sexy offers to take her home am she agrees not knowing who he is only his first name is Maddox. They get to her place an can't keep their hands off each other not even in the elevator as a little old lady gets on with the,, they continue to kiss.

They get in get apartment an things get hot an steamy between them. Bad thing though she gets sick. Well that's all she wrote of that sexy man.

She goes to dinner at her mom's an step dad's an who does she meet, none other than the man she got sick in front of the other night. She was stunned to see him there.

A little twist she finds out that he is her new step brother Maddox, surprise, surprise.

Her stepfather gets her a job at his company an she goes to work there, as she walks into the meeting she finds none other than her step brother Maddox an he does like he doesn't know her, other than she is his stepsister. He tells her to keep things business nothing else.

He treats her as an employee, their is nothing sexual, it's as if he doesn't recall what they have done.

Now Olivia makes the story very interesting she throws another brother in the mix.
The whole time Riley though Maddox was her boss she finds out he has a twin an no one thought to mention that little tidbit to her. She is so embrassed after what she put in Supposed to be Maddox's desk but finds out that it's his twin brother Gunner. Wow cam you imagine two hot sexy alpha males. Can you say HOT. .

Miss. Olivia keeps on giving more an more to this awesome story. There is some things going on on the company that Riley over hears an tries to find out what's going on...

Oh my now she also has to choose which stepbrother she wants. Because neither wants to share. They both want her but not together. She has a dilemma one is dominant an sexy as hell, one is sweet an sexy as hell, only problem is she can't choose an another problem she hasn't had either one sexually. do you choose , dang I want them both.

I hope yall enjoy the book as much as I did. It's hot, sexy an so alpha to find out which one she chooses or doesn't choose...

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Reviewed by Linda's Love Of Romance Author's Blog

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Mar 17, 2016
by: Psymon H

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