Contemporary Romance: Black Keys

by Rose B. Mashal

Contemporary Romance: Black Keys - (The Colorblind Trilogy Book 1)

A Muslim Arab Prince with a heavy weight of responsibilities on his shoulders and a young Catholic American woman with a dark, haunted past living inside her heart. Unexpectedly thrust together in a deal of betrayal brokered by her brother, the last thing she imagines when she goes to his wedding in a kingdom far away from her home, is to find out that it's her own wedding, as well.

A bright, independent CEO struggling to live this new life, where the traditions and rules are too numerous to keep up with, and an attractive, intelligent prince wanting nothing more than for his bride to find the black keys.

Fate steps in to teach the troubled new princess a few lessons about love, life, understanding and acceptance, while destiny forces the Crown Prince into allowing his beautiful wife to break a rule or two.

Because when it comes to love, rules blur and traditions fade.

Black Keys Is Available On Kindle And In Paperback.


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Oh, God! I’d never let that pig touch me!
I shot up into standing position like the couch was on fire and looked around, finally really taking the room in. The sheets on the bed were white with red rosebuds all over them, shaped like a giant heart.

God! Oh, God!

I felt a bit lightheaded as I imagined myself on that bed doing what they expected me to do.

I ran to stand next to the bed where I saw colored lights coming from a window on the wall beside it. I looked closely, searching for a way to escape from that window but found none, since it was blocked by iron bars from the outside.

With hurried steps, I made my way to the door in the corner of the room, which turned out to be a bathroom, just like I had expected–a freakishly huge one, at that. I looked all over the bathroom for any sort of an exit but all of my efforts to find one came out fruitless.

My hands came to my collar and I yanked the button that held my robe together over my body and let it fall to the floor; it was choking me. I gripped the same hair that my brother had just let go of not ten minutes earlier and groaned in frustration, my tears out of my control.
That was it. There was no way out for me. No way at all.
My eyes caught my reflection in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. It was a sad girl with black tears running down her cheeks and a broken heart caused by her brother’s unfaithfulness.

In my frustrated state, I didn’t realize I had picked up a bottle of lotion from the counter and smashed the mirror with it until I saw the shattered pieces flying down to the floor.
Once I saw those broken pieces, a thought crept into my mind: I have to hurt the prince. There was no other way. I’d give up my own life before I gave up my body to him.

Don't Delay...Download Your Kindle Copy of - Black Keys (The Colorblind Trilogy Book 1)

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"I hope you find the black keys, Princess.... Knowledge is all around us, keys waiting to be found. They’re easy to see and use, but not when they are black, because in the darkness, you can’t see black items. Only if you know in your heart that they’re there you might find them, and to find them, you have to work hard. Those keys are there, and at some point they were easy to find, but assuming and judging made them black. The kind of knowledge that those keys give you has to make it to your heart first to be able to pass through to your mind.”

This is a love story, but it's far more than that. It's a story of learning to recognize and overcome prejudices, of growth and change.

Marie's life changes in a terrifying way when she finds herself forced into an arranged marriage with an Islamic prince. Marie is horrified at the marriage, but even more unsettled by the fact her groom is a Muslim. She cannot separate "Muslim" from "terrorist," though it's her own Catholic brother who literally holds a gun to her head to force her to sign the marriage contract. That prejudice is something she just can't bring herself to let go of, though we don't learn until much later in the story that Marie has painful scars in her heart from a tragic and terrifying event she suffered as a child.

Mazen, the prince, is the kind of romantic hero I like. He's an all-around good guy, kind-hearted and patient. He's initially hopeful his marriage can be a success, and he tries to make his new bride happy, only to be rebuffed at every turn. He's understandably hurt when Marie tells him she can't even be friends with a Muslim. Marie sometimes misses the messages he's sending her, like the story he tells her about an abused horse he tamed with patience and kindness. That scene was my favorite in the whole novel, because for a moment, Marie let go of all of the fears holding her back to enjoy the beauty and joy her new life had to offer.

Marie's heart begins to soften toward Mazen even as her head insists on continuing the fight. She finds herself feeling jealous, or missing him when he's not around. When the chance comes for her to flee back to the United States, her first reaction is not overwhelming joy, but wanting to change her mind and stay. She feels bad when she knows she's hurt him, even though she doesn't want to. She's in a strange land with customs she doesn't really understand, torn by conflicting desires, and fighting against an attraction to the kind-hearted prince.

Over the course of the story, Marie has to face some hard truths about herself as she learns about Islam and the culture of her new country - and how sometimes the culture and faith clash, especially in the modern world. It takes her a long while to come around, but it would. Hearts and minds do not heal overnight.

I thought the first-person style of the book well-suited the storyline. Marie's internal narration was believable for a young woman, especially one kept carefully sheltered as she had been. Marie has been mostly cut off from the world, cocooned by her family and occupied by her work. Her life experience is limited. It only makes it more enjoyable once she starts to realize how limited she's been and open up to the world of possibilities in front of her... and to love.

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May 21, 2015
by: Psymon H

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