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ASIN: B014SHA294.

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In current world, Information is an important asset to everyone. In Business, where information plays a key role in success of any company. Business plans, customer database, product blueprints and road-maps are some of important example of information assets to any organization. At personal level, losing important files, leaked emails, passwords, misuse of Credit cards are some of the examples, which every individual fear of in free flowing world of Internet.

Information security is the collection of technologies, standards, policies and management practices that are applied to information to keep it secure. This e-book provides overview on some of the basic concepts laying foundation for any secure system.

Under short but precise multiple chapters, you will learn about some of information security concepts and possible attack scenarios compromising security of the system. Some of the discussed topics are like Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Authentication, Authorization, Accountability, Cryptography, SSL/TLS protocol, Hashing, Digital Signatures, Password Security, Access Control mechanism and many more. Along with this, a dedicated chapter is included on Security Design Principles. These principles concentrates on architectural structures, whether hardware or software, that are required to Support Information protection.

Why to buy this eBook?

In current world, ensuring Information Security is one of the mandatory requirement. It doesn't matter, if you are an Administrator managing a single System or a complete Infrastructure, Tester or a Developer involved in product development or delivery to customer or anyone using internet for his personal purpose. This e-book talks about importance of ensuring Security and impacts of same, if is not addressed properly.

How it can help you?

"Learn here, Apply anywhere", here we are learning pure concepts, free from any vendor specific device and feature. So, concepts learned here can be applied across all vendor devices and implementation.

"Build or Master a Skillset", since Information Security is one of the always in-demand and fastest trending domain in IT industry.

"Master the most misunderstood", Information Security is one of the most misunderstood in industry. Learning about IT Security pain-points, vulnerabilities and practices always help in analyzing and testing associated fields.

Who should purchase this eBook?

This e-book has content for everyone, irrespective of expertise level, role and experience of an individual. It you are interested in either learning, building foundation or master Information Security Concepts and related implementations, this e-book is for you.



Nitin Kotwal
Founder, CEO, Hack2Secure

Nitin manages both Hack2Secure as a company and Hack2Secure training portal. His primary focus is on Research and Content development of Security training courses across IT domains. His multiple years of experience in Security Industry helped him to gain 'Advanced Computer Security Certificate' from Stanford Center of Professional Development (SCPD), along with CCSK, CPTE, CEH, VCP 4 and VCP 5.

Nitin has kick-started his career with VMware, primarily focusing on vSphere product security testing and escalation concerns. Later, he joined Cisco to undertake Security Testing on UCS platform. He has delivered numbers of training sessions on different Security topics, Attack scenarios, tools and techniques. He was also involved in undertaking in-house Security attack reproduction, analysis and testing of Security concerns. Along with all these, he has also made his hands dirty in Security testing lab establishment, in-house press releases etc.

Hack2Secure is a formal form of his dream project to spread awareness on Information Security. He enjoys teaching for Hack2Secure, provide consultation, help others with his unique skill to visualize and analyse Security Threats across Secure Development Lifecycle, design Threat Models, and provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services.

Learn more about Hack2Secure at:

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Sep 07, 2015
by: Psymon H

BCBC would like to thank you for promoting your title through our Readers Lounge.

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