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Comparative Religion: Frantz Michel's book, "From The Fear of Voodoo To The Fear of God" is a powerhouse of a book.

Filled with personal experience from his time in Haiti, Michel reveals the truth of Voodoo as he knows it, a truth he is determined to share.

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Voodoo is all around us, spreading its deception in the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike. Many people are under the mistaken belief that it is a Christian religion, since more than 75% of its followers are also Catholics. They teach others that voodoo is a means to God.

But those with knowledge of that religion know that the opposite is, in fact, true; the voodoo priests are working for Lucifer and are blinded by the false promises of the devil. After being exposed to voodoo for more than 20 years, Frantz Michel author of “Can God Save Haiti?” learned the hard way about the ungodliness and deception therein.

In his chef-d’oeuvre, From the Fear of Voodoo to the Fear of God, Michel submits some of his personal experiences and those of his family members and friends in the hope that they will help readers to overcome the fear of voodoo and do what God calls them to do.

Michel says, “As a native of Haiti and exposed to voodoo for more than 20 years, I am persuaded that I am well equipped to write about the subject of voodoo on all aspects. In fact, this is what Pastor Richard Sejour of Gateway Foursquare Church of Miami affirms: ‘Having grown up in a voodoo culture and having been personally involved in voodoo through family liaison, Mr. Michel is uniquely qualified to boldly speak and educate us on this subject.’”

Comparative Religion Free Chapter

Chapter 2


Haitian Voodoo



You shall have no other gods before Me.

 Exodus 20: 3 (NASB)



Today, many nations have turned their backs on God, just as the children of Israel did. Among these is Haiti, a country that has rejected God and embraced voodoo. In this chapter I will be talking about Haitian voodoo and how it has maimed the people of the land of Haiti and what those who are controlled by the fear of voodoo can do to get out of this mess.


Although voodoo originated in West Africa, it is in Haiti that it is most widely practiced and has developed in other forms. The oppressed slaves imported from Africa were obliged to disguise their spirits behind the Roman Catholic saints, a process called syncretism, a mixture of West African voodoo and “Christian folk religion.” The Africans, most likely the Yorubas people, who serve many gods, did this because they didn’t want to lose their tradition and forget their divinities.


The Africans, of course, were not the first occupants of the land, but rather the Indians, the Tainos and the Arawaks, were. But everything changed when Christopher Columbus and his crew set foot in the new territory on December 6, 1492. They enslaved the inhabitants by tricking them and forcing them to accept new religion and other ways of living. Because of the brutality, cruelty, and imported diseases of the settlers, in less than twenty-five years, the Indians were decimated.


The land was rich with pure gold, and the Spaniards were hungry for it. Because of the colonists’ greed, there was nothing but fear, pain, and suffering inflicted on the indigenous people. The Spanish exploited all the gold mines of their newfound territory, and when there were no more left, they turned the occidental part of the land over to the French in the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697. The French prospered solely from the production of coffee and sugar in the late eighteenth century, thanks to the forced labor of the slaves brought from Africa. There was an estimated 600,000 inhabitants in St. Domingue (Haiti), 500,000 of whom were slaves. But the Conquistadors started the slave trade from Africa to Hispaniola (Haiti) in the early sixteenth century (1502). Today not only is voodoo a part of Haitian culture, but it is also the religion followed by the majority of the people of the land. To this very moment, many voodoo ceremonies are done in accord with some Catholic Church rituals, because voodoo practitioners are also Catholics.


In the time of slavery, those oppressed felt that their punishments were unbearable. Their sons and daughters were taken away from them; their loved ones were raped and murdered in front of their eyes. A slave was considered property and therefore could be purchased and sold according to the will of the master. Slaves had no freedom of speech. Finally, the slaves turned to voodoo for help. On August 14, 1791, a slave named Bookman, who was a houngan (voodoo priest), in a sacrificial ceremony offered a black pig to the devil. Alongside him was a mambo (voodoo priestess) possessed by the spirit Erzuli and a known healer among the slaves named Toussaint Louverture. This ceremony was known as the “ceremony of the wood caiman,” or La cérémonie du Bois caiman. It was a blood covenant between the people, through their representatives, and the devil, giving the devil possession of the land of Haiti in exchange for the people’s freedom. Historians consider it one of the most important voodoo ceremonies of all time, since it led to the independence of Haiti from the colonists. It was an independence that made Haiti the first free black republic in the history of the world and the second free territory in the Western Hemisphere.


Voodoo Pride, the Cause of Disobedience Toward God


Because in the mind of the Haitian people they got their independence through voodoo, they carry a pride that blinds them and causes the nation to perish. They rejected God and completely embraced voodoo. Some vodouisants actually believe that there is a God; others may have some doubts or don’t care at all. Although some may accept that there is a Creator, they still turn to voodoo, because they say that God works too slowly; He takes too long to answer prayers. Therefore, they embrace and worship spirits the voodoo believers think bring faster results. Likewise, there are many people today who turn away from the Lord for the same vile reason; they are impatient. As human beings, we do not know more than the Creator. He knows all our paths and controls our steps. When we leave Him out of our lives, we are driving ourselves right to the pits of hell. Deception, failures, and regrets are the inevitable results.


Sometimes the Most High doesn’t answer our prayers. It is not because He hates us but because He sees the road ahead and the danger awaiting us if we get what we ask for. Many times we find ourselves angry at God because things don’t happen the way we’ve planned them. The reality is, if we look back five to ten years, we will thank the Almighty for not letting us get our ways. The Holy Scriptures say: “And not only [so], but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience” (Rom. 5:3 KJV).


Contrary to the Word of God, voodoo and other forms of ungodly teaching encourage impatience. The voodoo spirits are always rushing people who consult them to speak up and tell their needs. Usually, the average time they are given by the spirits to see results range from three to twenty-one days. But there is always a catch. Most of the time, what they are asking for comes with a condition. Some have full knowledge of the condition and agree to it no matter what the price, even if they have to give their own children’s lives in exchange. Others may not be told of any condition, and they fall right into Satan’s trap. They end up losing something or someone dear to them. Most of the time they live their lives miserably until they die. Be careful! Don’t become a victim. There are always conditions in voodoo, and they are always harmful.


A Glimpse at the Ceremony of the Wood Caiman or “La cérémonie du Bois Caiman”


The cérémonie du Bois caiman was nothing less than a covenant with the devil by the slaves of Haiti, whereby the people of the land gave to Satan the legal right to possess the territory and the inhabitants for all times. The devil led the slaves to believe that they would be invulnerable to the point that they would not die. But that was a lie! Bookman, the leader and also a houngan, died in battle. The con artist, the father of all lies deceived him and many others.


This covenant was a blood covenant. By sacrificing the black pig, not only did the slaves offer the animal to the devil, but they also offered their own lives to him.                        


In Haitian voodoo, when one offers an animal to the spirits, he or she is trading its life or the life of a loved one. With the blood of that animal, the spirits claim the lives of whomever they want. The sad part is that practitioners know the truth and still do the wrong thing. They are thirsty for money and power. They believe that only through voodoo can they attain their goals. The devil is always looking for people to carry out his dirty works, and sadly he is been successful through voodoo.


Here’s how it works in Haitian voodoo. If you do something to others, they will not seek justice from the court. Instead, they will go to a houngan or a mambo in order to destroy your assets, bring you down to your knees, maim your life, and even kill you. It is “an eye for an eye; a tooth for tooth.” Vodouisants seek their own justice and are happy when they cause harm to someone else. There is no peace in voodoo. The same spirit who pretends to warn you of a possible danger or heal you from a disease through a spell is probably the same spirit or “nation”(of spirits) that brought the sickness to your body. All voodoo spirits worship one master, Satan, the great deceiver. Thus, they are not working for the benefit of mankind but are out to destroy our souls, the very thing God loves the most. Open your eyes!


The Spirit Realm in Haitian Voodoo


There are many spirits in voodoo. In the Haitian culture, they are passed on through ancestors. If grandpa or grandma had a spirit who manifested itself in them, 99.9 percent of the time, that same spirit will possess at least one other family member. It could be a grandson, a granddaughter, a son, or a daughter, and the list goes on. It is a curse resulting from the ceremony of “bois caiman.” Unless someone in that family accepts Jesus and is baptized, that curse will not be broken. The blood of Jesus Christ is the only cure, because our ancestors made a pact with the devil through blood sacrifice giving him the land and the people living in it for generations to come. But the covenant of God with humans is far greater than this. When He sacrificed His only begotten Son on Calvary by shedding His blood, it was a new covenant signed with mankind to wipe away their sins, break their addictions, free them from bondage, and, above all, give them eternal life for free. In addition, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us, direct us, comfort us, and fill us with the peace of the Father. But voodoo spirits misguide and deceive.


When the voodoo spirits possess someone, it is a full possession. There are no partial possessions; the person being possessed doesn’t know anything that is going on or what has happened after the spirit(s) leaves his or her body. People in whom spirits are manifested are called chwal (Creole), meaning “horse”(English). This might be because the spirits are able to do whatever they want with that person’s body. For example, some people never drink or smoke, but when the spirit(s) takes over, they do all of that and even more awkward things.


One day I was taking part in a voodoo ceremony, and I saw a man possessed by a spirit start climbing a big coconut tree. While the man was at the top of the tree, the spirit said, “He disrespected me by refusing to serve me. I will hurt him.” The spirit immediately left his body, and he regained consciousness, but couldn’t hold on any longer. He fell from the tree and suffered an injury that incident caused him to be paralyzed to this day.


The voodoo spirits do not play around; they are not your friends. Many times they will be nice to you, but it is just a pretense. They hide their true identity and intentions behind a deceitful mask of goodness. Know this, the devil and his fallen angels, better known as demons, have nothing good in them.


Divisions of Spirits


According to voodoo priests and priestesses, or the spirits themselves that I spoke with when I practiced voodoo, there are twenty-one “nations” of spirits. Some of those “nations” are: Rada, Petwo, Nago, and Congo. But the most worshipped in Haitian voodoo are the Rada and Petwo.


The spirits are called lwas or miste (Creole), meaning “mystery” (English), “sen” (Creole), or “saints” (French-English). They also call themselves zanj or jan’y (Creole), or angels. Vodouisants (those who practice voodoo), because of lack of education and knowledge, believe these spirits are truly angels, when in fact they are nothing but lying demons. God knew exactly what He was talking about when He said, “ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6 KJV).


Miste or lwas are divided into two categories: Rada and Petwo. The demons from the Rada are considered to be the good ones. They are only here to heal and protect families, but they can kill if angered. Again, understand that their showing of goodness is just a façade. The Petwos are just another side of the Zanj, whose purpose is to kill and destroy. The most popular term for the lwas of Rada nation is Ginen. They are said to be part of the family, and, in the sense, they interacting on a regular basis with the members through their servants. For example, if someone in the family is sick, a Ginen will show up and heal that person, or it can manifest itself to predict the future, giving warning to the people. But a lwa Petwo is quite different. It is a spirit that one has bought mainly to do evil. That is the belief, but the truth is they are all same; they all worship one master: Satan. Their one and only objective is to find souls to burn in hell with them.


Practitioners always have a strict rule about not mixing Ginen (Rada) with “lwas” (Petwo) because the Ginen side would have people believe that they are not evil. The fact is they are! They hurt and kill people just as lwas of Petwo do.


Every spirit has a name. The most popular ones are the Erzulis: Erzuli Dantor, Erzuli Freda, and Erzuli Boran. They are all female spirits. On the male side are Papa Legba (Creole) or Dad Legba (English). He is the first one to be invoked in every voodoo ceremony. It is said that he is always at the front gates or doors of every house. Then there is the Ogou family: Ogou Balendjo and Ogou Feray, who operate as military men, or warriors. Another spirit is Jean Dantor from the Dantor family. In Haitian voodoo, he is portrayed as a kid, a young shepherd with a staff guarding a flock and highly admired because of his strength. He is celebrated on June 23 and 24 of each year.


Back in 1999 I met a voodoo priest in Cap-Haitian, Haiti by the name Antoine. We called him Uncle Antoine. This man was as scary as his spirits were. He used to live in Port au Prince, the capital city, but he took refuge in the second city after killing over fourteen people with a spell called “expedition” (a voodoo spell designed to kill instantly). He sent it over to destroy some of his enemies. Every person present at that house that day died. This man was heartless. He said, “I am working for the devil, and hell is where I am going.” He never cared about his actions. Two things were in his mind, money and doing evil. That man, like some other houngans in Haiti and in the US, serve the lwas from the Petwo nation, the violent ones. If someone serves the Ginen and went on to serve a lwas from the Petwo, he or she would be considered a traitor. It is like abandoning one’s own family.


Keep in mind that in some locations of Haiti zanj are different from lwas. Even if some people were to use the term lwas, they would always say, “Lwas Ginen.” The Ginen is specified to distinguish the good spirits from the evil ones, the Petwo. The truth is, both are evil. Don’t be deceived! This is how it is: the calm ones (Ginen) are like slow poison; they kill you slowly but surely if you are not under the wings of God. The violent ones kill quickly, like a fatal poison.


While switching sides within voodoo itself is unacceptable, converting to Christianity (Baptist, Seventh-Day Adventist, or other denomination) is worse. Voodoo in this way is like Islam. If you are not with them, you are against them; therefore you should die. They will hurt you unless you truly accept Christ as your personal Savior and abide in His love. God will never allow Satan to destroy His children. Scripture says, “As for God, His way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection” (2 Sam. 22:31 NLT).


A Land of Superstition


Vodouisants consult spirits for anything—for healing, finding love, winning a game, casting a spell on others, protecting a business, and so on. One of the most famous and oldest bands in Haiti, Tropicana d’Haiti, had a song concerning this. Here are some of the lyrics (I am paraphrasing): “They [voodoo practitioners] use superstitions for anything, to win a soccer game, to divide a happy family, to make you say yes even if you don’t want, to say no without knowing it. Please God, if you do not intervene your children will perish.”


One of the most popular things voodoo practitioners do is to use magic to make people love them. Men do this to women who have disrespected them or those who said, “This man will never have someone like me.” Most men who hypnotize the opposite sex do so because they feel hurt and want revenge. After they have sexual intercourse with those girls, they will leave them and let people know what they have done.


Women on the other hand do magic to get a man for the money or to get married, or if their man is gone, they will use voodoo to try to get him back. I have known several women who have done this, and the men actually did come back. But the danger is that the person who puts voodoo on someone to get his or her love won’t be happy. The people who search for love through voodoo are always getting abused, beaten, and even killed by their mates. In fact, the lwas always warn them that even though they will get the person back, they should be prepared for some mistreatment; yet they often agree to the conditions.


Because voodoo practitioners believe so obsequiously in superstition, they reject medicine. If their sons or daughters are sick, the first thing that comes to their minds is, “Loups-garous are killing my child.” Many of them have wasted their time searching for healing through voodoo when their sicknesses or the ones of their children have nothing to do with magic. Sometimes the houngan or mambo will tell them to go to the doctors, and they won’t. Other times, the houngans know that a particular person is dying from natural causes, but he will lie to the family members, telling them the person has been exposed to a spell. They do this so that they can make money off the people. That is why in the end, most people end up dying, and the family places the blame on others.


Don’t Blame the Children


Many times I have heard people blaming their kids because of bad grades and making them feel that they are nothing and they will never accomplish anything in life. Stop doing that! Most of the time, it is not their fault that they are doing poorly, but it is the work of the devil. In schools in Haiti, when a child loses his book, his parents always tell him not to take it back if it is found. Why? We have something called troke tèt, meaning “exchange brain.” Some voodoo practitioners whose kids are lazy in school will have their children steal the book of a classmate, usually the most intelligent one in the class. Once they get the book, notebook, or a page from these objects, they bring it to a houngan or mambo, who will then put a spell on them and instruct the students to go back to class and return what they have stolen, making it look like no one had taken them. If the classmates who lost their materials receive them and open them, they will be under the spell. They will lose their good sense of learning if they are not covered under the blood of Jesus Christ, whereas the lazy kids will be getting all the good grades.


This is why it is so crucial for parents to be under the blood of the King of Kings. Children need protection and guidance. Voodoo will not and cannot give them that. You parents can! And the only way to do this is to break any curse by the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ, the Son of God.


Voodoo Services


Voodoo ceremonies are comprised of drums beating, hands clapping, singing, dancing, and the ringing of a small bell, among other things. There is a master of ceremonies, who prepares a table with all kinds of drinks, flowers, fruits, candles, and images of some spirits. There also have animals for sacrifices. In a small ceremony, like one in a house, the animals will most likely be chickens. They will be of different colored feathers, because each spirit has a preferred color, and to those that don’t have a preference multicolored ones are offered. If a spirit kills an animal that is not his or hers, the spirit to whom that beast belongs will be angry when manifested at the service. To introduce the spirits, first songs are sung for Papa Legba. This is to ask him for passage at the entrance of the door. He may decide to mount any chwal, for any spirit can decide to come first and take part in the service.


Whoever is used to having spirits manifested on them will be possessed at the ceremony, but it is not limited to them. A person who was never possessed before also can be mounted by any spirit, especially if he or she has been chosen since birth. At that time, the spirit will come strong with no discipline because the chwal, or “horse,” is not initiated yet. Then a houngan or mambo will use voodoo knowledge to initiate that person in order to calm the spirit down. This will only happen once.


There are occasions when a specific spirit is needed in a service but it cannot be found or come forth because it is busy. No matter how hard the practitioners sing and dance and beat their drums, the spirit will not show up, especially if it is already mad at the person who is doing the service. However, another spirit who already responded to the invocation can live the chwal and go down, as they say, into the depth of the ocean and find the spirit needed and bring it forth.


Adaptation: Spirits to Chwal, Chwal to spirit


Although a person may have many spirits, there is always one that is considered the “head.” That particular spirit often takes the character, ways, and attitude of his or her “horse.” For example, two people can serve Ogou Feray, but the spirit acts differently in each one of them. Usually, spirits like to curse, but if the chwal is a calm individual and doesn’t like to curse, then the head spirit will be more or less calm. The opposite is true for someone with a dirty attitude or mouth; his or her spirit will be nasty.


Likewise, if a head spirit is a certain way, then the chwal will get some of his or her traits. The spirit by the name of Jean Laurent is a gay spirit. When a male is possessed by him, that person will act like a homosexual; he will talk like one and make feminine gestures, even when not possessed. When the spirit is manifested, he will mostly do favors to males rather than to females. This is what the Word of God says: “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality . . . will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:9-10 ESV). Stop and meditate on those verses for a minute!


In Haiti, there are also spirits that patronize specific locations. People from the local place, as well as those from other localities, come to worship and bring gifts to the spirit in that place. In the northern part of Haiti, Grande Rivière du Nord is controlled by Erzuli Dantor or Sainte Rose, Trou du Nord by Jean Dantor or Saint Jean Baptist (Saint John the Baptist), Plaine du Nord by Ogou Balendjo or Saint Jacques Majeur, and this is just a few. A spirit or saint can patronize more than one city. For example, Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours, who is worshipped as the Virgin Mary, is the patron of Haiti and celebrated on the August 15 each year in locations such as Cap-Haitian, Les Cayes, Petit Goâves, and Ouanaminthes.


In a remote location from the second city (Cap-Haitian), there is a place called Picolet, which is a stronghold for spirits. There vodouisants find almost all the Ginen spirits. It lies on top of a mountain, above the ocean. Practitioners go there every day to worship, but they are in greater numbers on Tuesdays and Fridays. In voodoo, those days are considered powerful.


Picolet is a spooky place. I have been there several times. There is a corner for each spirit. Practitioners go directly to the spirit(s) they need. Sometimes voodoo ceremonies are conducted there. The ocean beneath Picolet is guarded by a demon called La sirène. She is the queen of the sea. All boats departing Haiti must pay a price to her. It can be some flowers thrown into the ocean for her or a bottle of alcoholic beverage. But it is not limited to these things. She can decide to ask for any types of gifts. If a follower doesn’t give the required gift, his or her ship could be destroyed forever. The debris of a freight ship has been lying at the shore of Picolet for over fifteen years. Because its owner failed to pay his debt to the spirit, she caused the boat to have an inexplicable problem and perish on site.


There is another place called Galman du plat, governed by a spirit called Lovana. She lives in a basin called “Basin of Lovana.” When she wants to, she shows herself to people by taking the form of a fish wearing an earring. When vodouisants go to offer animal sacrifices to her, she sometimes takes those animals alive, especially if they are goats. She instructs her followers to tie a noose around the beast’s neck and bring it to the water. She then takes it and leaves the rope.


One of the most celebrated spirits in Haiti is Saint Jacques Majeur, also known as Ogou Balendjo or Parenn Ogou (Godfather Ogou), as voodoo practitioners call him. Each year, on July 24, people (pilgrims) come from all the nine departments of Haiti and in the Diaspora to celebrate “La Saint Jacques”(The Saint Jacques). People come by the busload, and airplanes arrive filled with those living abroad. That is why airline companies raise their prices at that time of year, because they know for sure that many will go to Haiti in greater numbers from June until early August.


Before and throughout the festivity, those who were helped by the spirit in any way bring gifts to him and bathe in a nasty, muddy, filthy, and stinking hole called “Bassin Saint Jacques.” The belief is that the bathing brings them more luck. The place is gross. Just looking at people in the mud pot will make you want to throw up, and yet people are enjoying it. In my years in voodoo, I never bathed in it. Would I have done it if I were still practicing voodoo? The truth is yes. Voodoo brainwashes it adherents, and because of fear subjects them to doing anything the spirits ask.


Unveiling the Rada Spirits


Although Rada nation is known for the calmer spirits, there are many of them who do not exhibit that calmness. For example, Laila, a female spirit from that nation, hates children! If someone is possessed by a lwa and that spirit decides to invoke Laila to take over, the people around are advised in advance not to let any children too close, or she will hurt them.


Anse A Foleur, in the northwest part of Haiti, is where vodouisants go to seek revenge from Ti sentann, or Petite Sainte Anne (little Saint Anne). She is known for bringing justice, but how? She quickly kills with no questions asked. Those who love doing evil go there for faster results, and it doesn’t cost them a fortune. They say if they go to a houngan to kill someone, it is way more expensive than it is to go to little Saint Anne. I have met several people who reported the works of that spirit. Among them is an old friend from Cap-Haitian who said this: “ I went to little Saint Anne because someone slapped me. The next morning when I got home from Anse A Foleur, I heard of the death of that young man who insulted me.”


I know some followers still think of voodoo as a good religion and/or culture, believing that it is of God. I am here to tell those of you who believe this, that it is from Satan and not from the Most High. The practices of it are contradictory to God’s Word. Spirits who murder human beings and hate children cannot be of the Lord; He doesn’t create to destroy His own.


Which side are you on, the good or the bad? I hope it is the good. If not, turn around and join the winning team because God will never fail you; He is faithful to His promises.


Parallels and Contrasts Between Houngans and Mambos


Neither priests nor priestesses are limited to the amount of lwas that can manifest in them, Rada or Petwo. Both kill, and they worship the same master: Satan. They can’t get along with one another because of pride; it is houngans versus houngans, houngans versus mambos, and mambos versus mambos. Each one always thinks he or she has the more powerful lwa. Thus, they are always testing each other by casting out spells on one another. Deaths usually result from these spiritual attacks, and those who die from these fierce attacks get turned into zombies.


Although they may have many lwas from both Rada and Petwo, houngans are more into the Petwo lwas, whereas the mambos are more into the Rada. Houngans love to serve the deadly lwas more than the voodoo priestesses. One of the most popular lwas the voodoo priests love to serve is called Criminel (French), or Criminal (English). He is an evil, powerful spirit who loves to drink blood. He does not give second chances; if you are not with God, he will get you.


Houngans love to have many concubines, although they may have one wife, and all these women live in the same house. Most of the time, they are afraid to leave, even to escape mistreatment, because they can get killed by magic and turned into zombie to serve as a slave. Mambos, on the other hand, do not live with many in their houses, but they have many boyfriends, even when they have a husband. They are not faithful to their men, just as the houngans are unfaithful to their women


Parallels and Contrasts Between Gideon and Bookman


Both the biblical Gideon and Haiti’s Bookman experienced tribulation. Their people were facing oppression and crying out for justice in the midst of the abuse. God chose a cowardly, but not prideful, Gideon to lead an army reduced to three hundred men to save the Israelites from the Midianites (Judg. 7:7). They were greatly outnumbered, but God saved them, giving them victory over their enemies. Gideon and his army came out the battle unharmed.


Bookman, on the other hand, was chosen by the devil, to whom he sacrificed a black pig, and everyone with him drank the blood of the animal. They did so in order to be invulnerable. About one week after the ceremony, they started an uprising, killing as many as one thousand whites and burning their properties. Unfortunately, the spirits were not faithful to their promises; Bookman, the leader, was killed in combat.


I value our freedom and respect the brave slaves who sacrificed their lives to make us independent today. But it is time that voodoo fanatics stopped being prideful and recognized that there is only one true God, the great “I Am.” A nation that rejects God to honor other gods will not prosper. Haiti will not see progress until the nation turns to the Lord. Many gods deceive, destroy, and bring confusion, but the only true God brings peace, love, and healing for the brokenhearted.


Haiti and Israel


Haiti and Israel, like no other countries, have suffered atrocity and cruelty at the hands of many nations. The people were enslaved and treated like objects that didn’t have rights, not even to life. Their masters decided when they lived and when they died. Thus, both the Jewish people and the slaves of Haiti were killed in great numbers. The Jews were scattered around the world, yet God gave a breathtaking prophecy to the prophet Ezekiel about the rebuilding of the State of Israel. In Ezekiel 37 the prophet saw “the valley of dry bones.” The dry bones came together and were covered with skin (vv. 7-8), God then breathed His life into them. Ezekiel wrote, “So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they came to life and stood on their feet an exceedingly great army” (v.10 NASB).


On May 15, 1948 the State of Israel was rebuilt in one day. This event also was predicted by the prophet Isaiah, when God said to him, “Who has ever seen or heard of anything as strange as this? Has a nation ever been born in a single day? Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment? But by the time Jerusalem’s birth pains begin, the baby will be born; the nation will come forth” (Isa. 66:8 NLT). A country with centuries of mistreatment and genocide, from the Crusades to Hitler’s Holocaust, now has one of the world’s elite military and intelligence service. As amazing and accurate as the prophecies of Isaiah 66:8 and Ezekiel 37 are, they are no surprise to those that believe in God, for they know all His words are true.


The land of Israel is for the Jewish people forever. God gave it to them. Though they were dispersed, the Lord brought them back to it. He told Ezekiel, “Therefore prophesy and say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, My people; and I will bring you into the land of Israel”’” (Ezek. 37:12 NASB).


Haiti defeated the best army in the world (the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte) to gain her independence. History records that they did this with little equipment but with the help of voodoo. But today, Haiti has no military power or military personnel present at all. From 1993 to 1998, there were some regions in Haiti that didn’t have military or police forces present, because after the dissolution of the Haitian armed forces, the newly graduated police officers in June of 1995 were less than 3,000 for a population of nearly 10 million.


As an ex-police officer myself, I know that it wasn’t until 1997 that we opened the police station in Milot, a city located near the second city. Before we came there, the population had their own prisons and law, and they mistreated one another. There was no structure among them. Abuse and injustice were reported in several locations of Haiti because of the scarceness of officers.


Independence was supposed to create union, but greed and thirst for power caused betrayal among the people of the new republic. Dessalines, the father of Haitian independence and emperor of the land was assassinated at Pont-Rouge on October 17, 1806 in an ambush only two years and nine months after he proclaimed independence. Today again, politicians are killing each other over power and money. The land is divided; there is no peace, no union. Political parties are as numerous as anthills, and not one of them is looking to save the country; they are only seeking to fill their pockets. Some heads of state have made declarations that led the population to act foolishly. In a country like Haiti, where the majority of the people are illiterate, there are statements you simply do not make as leaders. The current president of Haiti, Rene G. Préval, on his first mandate in the 1990s stated, “Naje pou ou soti,” meaning, “Do whatever it takes to help yourself.” As a representative of the people, he was just saying that the solution to their problems had nothing to do with him as the executive.


After that statement, people began looting businesses; burglaries were reported in many areas of the country, and the assailants quoted the president’s words each time they committed an act of stealing. The truth is, the commander in chief’s words were a key to opening the doors of immorality and foolishness.


Popular president of Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide encouraged the population to give “Père Lebrun” to the Haitian armed forces personnel. Père Lebrun, if my mind serves me right, was the name of a tire shop owner. Aristide used that term as a metaphor for asking the mass population to burn alive the military members, using tires, gasoline, and matches as weapons. Many people lost their lives. They were beaten, had their private parts cut off, and were burned alive with tires and gas at the hand of the population. I can’t say that the military men were all angels; some had used their power to abuse the population. But the words of the president encouraging the people to commit those murders were crueler than any crimes that occurred during the time.


This is purely satanic! Furthermore, as a Roman Catholic priest at that time, moral standards and compassion were supposed to be his creed, but he proved the opposite. In addition, it was in the government of Jean Bertrand Aristide that voodoo was recognized as a religion in April 2003.


From the ancient times before Christ until now, mankind has been disobedient to God. One of the most ungrateful acts from man toward the Most High was in the time of Moses. The book of Exodus records the atrocity, brutality, mistreatment, and injustice done to the people of the Lord. As a good Father, God intervened. He used Moses to deliver His people out of slavery and bondage to the Egyptians. Jehovah said to Moses, “So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt” (Exod. 3:10 NIV).


Pharaoh refused to let the people go, and his heart was hardened. After many attempts from Moses, the king still did not change his mind. God had to send a final plague, the plague of the death of the firstborn. The Lord instructed Moses on how to protect his own from that plague, and the Bible tells us, “At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well” (Exod. 12:29 NIV). This caused Pharaoh to let the children of the Lord go (v.31).


When God makes a promise, He will keep it and make sure that it comes to pass. He is too wise to make mistakes and too faithful to be unjust. But what of us? We need to be obedient and fully trust God. The children of Israel did the opposite. They turned their backs on God and made other gods for themselves and bowed down to them, even after the Almighty instructed them not to. That was a direct violation of the second commandment. Here what the word says concerning the unfaithfulness of the Israelites toward The Lord in Exodus 32:1: “When the people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron and said, ‘Come, make us gods who will go before us. As for this fellow Moses who brought us up out of Egypt, we don’t know what has happened to him.’” God was so angry at that point that He wanted to eradicate the people from the face of the earth. But for the sake of His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He did not hurt them.


Today that same God wants to show mercy to you who are practicing voodoo. Will you be obedient to Him? If you obey, it will be a blessing to you and your children and their descendants. Voodoo cannot save you from the eternal fire; in fact, it can cause you to go there. In short, those who practice voodoo need to turn away from it and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, because He is the Light of the World and eternal life to those who come to Him!


Some Voodoo Terms to Know


Lwas:  Evil voodoo spirits

Houngans/Bocors:  Voodoo priests

Mambos:  Voodoo priestesses

Chwal or Serviteur (French), Sèvitè (Creole): Practitioners whom spirits (Lwas) mount

Badjikan: A voodoo priest want-to-be. lwas don’t mount them, but they serve the houngans and mambos.

Vodouisants: those who practice voodoo

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