Coming of Age: The Fall of Black Rep

by B.Chris



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The Fall of Black Rep Kindle Edition.

This St. Louis Drama follows the story of a young adult named Cam. He’s a twenty year old lost in a whirlwind trying to figure out where he’s going life. His focus on being a superstar DJ and becoming rich beyond compare has him blinded with his values.

He has become inconsiderate to his family and his future by living for the moment and going nowhere fast.

He and his little sister Lacy gets rushed into a harsh reality as their parents were murdered in cold blood without a trace.
Now they must keep moving forward as they are inherited with 2.1 Million dollars.

As they try to keep their promise of not letting the money go to their heads, Cam has to keep a low profile as he try to achieve his dreams all while raising Lacy.

Cam and his friends form a rap group called the Black Rep in order to reach for the stars and get out of the basic routines that their halted lives has to offer. But how much are Cams boys truly willing to ride for the cause of making music?

Cam finds love in a classmate named India who’s beautiful beyond compare. But is she really there for him or for his riches?

As the luxury of money comes to him, so do the problems, as the people around him tend to change. Cam doesn’t know whom to trust as the motivation of his friends, business associates, classmates, and even family turns for the worst. Betrayal is lurking over Cams shoulders like a predator ready to strike at any moment.

Its up to Cam to figure out how much is money truly worth to keep him and his little sister safe. More importantly, he must find the answer to if this money is really a curse or a blessing in disguise.

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Jan 30, 2017
by: Psymon h

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