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Mystery at the Redstone Mine - Adventures of An Obsidian Knight
Christopher Craft

Who Would You Risk Everything For?

This action packed fantasy adventure will have your heart pounding and your eyes glues to the page.

The mysterious, ancient, and beautiful Allaire comes through the portal from Under World back into Overworld on a secret mission from her powerful master Morach. She is to make the final preparations for his revenge.

Cor’Vos is a young, handsome Obsidian Knight. What he lacks in training and skill he makes up for in courage and determination. When he crosses paths with Allaire both their destinies are changed forever. Allaire is on a mission to destroy the very king Cor’Vos has sworn to serve and protect.

Once both Cor’Vos and Allaire learn they are mere pawns in ancient feud that neither knows the whole truth about they must chose between staying true to their oaths, or fighting for what’s right.

When a powerful enemy turns out not to be dead, all of Overworld and End World are thrown into turmoil. As Cor’Vos and Allaire come under attack from every side they have no choice but to trust each other.

Will their trust be enough to keep them alive when their masters will stop at nothing to see them killed?

You have to read this exciting adventure today to find out

Watch for our series of Obsidian Knight Adventures!

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The portal shimmered in as a glowing purple mass. Seemingly all at once, it retracted and expanded. A formless shape being kept in check by a standing ring of obsidian. Then without notice, the portal expanded in the shape of a human. From its grasp came Allaire, stepping casually into the End World.

Allaire was an ancient woman, though her body and face showed no sign of age. To the naked eye she looked to be in late twenties, a woman in her prime. Her hair was long and black, tied back in the customary braid of her rank. In the case of the Enders, she held the highest rank achievable by a human. This is what allowed her to pass through the portal into the End World. She was the only one of her kind, ready to serve her master’s will.

The End World was made up of a ceaseless darkness. Only the gentle torches that sat upon great pillars lit the way. There was no telling how large the End World was. Allaire had never seen it in its entirety, but she’d never needed to. Several of the master’s soldiers, Endermen, were roaming around. They appeared to be aimless, but Allaire knew that if their master came under threat they would stop at nothing to protect him.

As Allaire walked she noticed the stars that were occasionally illuminated by the torches. They were beautiful. There was something serene about the silence of the End World. The only sounds were Allaire’s own footsteps and the pounding boom of wings in the air. Her master was near.

“Allaire.” Said a dark, heavy voice. The wings were getting closer. With a moment Allaire felt a gust of air, forcing her to clutch her robe. The wind came to an end with a great crash. Allaire could feel the warm breath of the great Ender Dragon on her skin.

“Master.” Allaire said, dropping to a single knee. She bowed in her head and waited.

“Rise.” He commanded. He didn’t speak with his lips, but rather his mind. Allaire could feel him inside her head. To feel such power made Allaire giddy. She only hoped she could one day achieve what her master had.

“How may I serve you?” Allaire asked aloud. She could reply to him with her mind, but it was still easier to communicate in a normal manner for Allaire.

“The preparations are nearly complete?” The Ender Dragon asked. 

“Yes, my master.” Allaire replied, bowing her head. “We have been gathering intelligence on all the major strongholds on the other side. There are but a few kingdoms left that we need to survey. Once we have their secrets, we can begin the building process. The weapons will serve as the catalyst for your arrival.”

The Ender Dragon was silent for a moment, smoke rising from his nostrils with every breath. Allaire waited patiently. She could feel him thinking about the next step in the plan.

“Go back to the Overworld. Find your secrets. Build my weapons. Return when they are complete. Then Malikeith will fall.”

“Yes master. You will have your revenge.” Allaire said.

Allaire felt the Elder Dragon withdraw from her. With a big gust the Ender Dragon took flight again. Allaire knew that was her cue to leave. She came up from her knee and began her walk back to the portal. The Endermen watched her with their white eyes as she walked back to the portal. She knew they were all waiting for their chance. So was their master. It had been nearly a millennia since the Ender Dragon had seen the Overworld. He was ready to make it his once again.

Allaire crossed through the portal. She pulled up her hood, shielding her eyes from the oncoming sun. Allaire waited a moment for her eyes to adjust. The familiar landscape presented itself when she could see again. The hills rolled on for what seemed like miles, but Allaire knew better. The portal to the End World was a closely guarded secret. Only the highest ranking members of the Enders knew its location and besides Allaire there was only one other, and he was believed dead.

Allaire was situated in the center of several hills. At the top it might look like there was a crater where the hills sunk into the ground. Allaire climbed the first hill. At its zenith she turned opposite the sun and began walking. The air shimmered and collapsed around her as she stepped through the illusion. When she looked behind her the portal was nowhere to be seen. To the uninitiated it looked like the hills went uninterrupted.

Allaire turned and began walking. There was work to be done and she knew her master was anxious to begin the final stage of their plan. And Allaire did not want to risk disappointing her master, for she feared the wrath that might fall upon her if she did.

It would be a long walk to the nearest road, but Allaire was willing to go the distance.

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