#Comedy #DarkHumour: Gagfest UK

by Scott Pixello

Life's a bit like Donald Trump's hair- the closer you look at it, the more absurd it seems. Gagfest UK is now available on Kindle, Smashwords And In Paperback. Download A Copy If You Dare!

Summary: UK. The present. Five life-long friends meet up each year to play stupid pranks on people who have annoyed them in the previous 12 months. This year, however, the joke is on one of them. At the Edinburgh Festival, Patrice Harding, struggling stand-up comedian, is faced with the ultimate heckler. Can’t she take a joke? Apparently she can.

Author Bio: I am a Brit living in Germany who loves to read and write. Under a different name, I’ve had seven books of respectable non-fiction published through three different publishers (one of which is soon to be translated into Chinese- the books not the publishers, that is) but disreputable fiction is where my real passion lies. What I write is hard to define by genre- YA mostly but in terms of tone it’s a mixture of funny and thought-provoking.

I have published eight novels so far, plus a box-set. Luke, I Am Your Father shows a 16-year-old boy being tested by his friends to see whether he's ready to be a parent. In Memoir of a Gothic Girl, the main character tries to join a sub-culture as a way to cope with trauma in her family. Live Long and Prospero, set in 1983, follows the antics of four lunatics on a lighthouse, facing the threat of automation.
Then there is a digression into Middle Grade fiction with Rainbow, which is all about cows, farming and football (I know, it's been done so many times before). Gagfest UK, a darker, more adult tale, is about a group of friends who meet up once a year to play tricks on people who have annoyed them in the previous 12 months. Most of these are stand-alone stories but with some links if you care to spot them.

Earlier this year I began my first series, set in Roman-occupied Britain. In Keith Ramsbottom (Episode I): Rebel Leader, the central character, Keith, has to deal with creating a rebellion, whilst also battling a major crush on rebel queen Boudicca and facing the greatest horror of all: Latin homework. In the sequel, Keith Ramsbottom (Episode II): The Emperor Strikes Back, Keith has to survive life as a gladiator and in the third in the trilogy of six, Keith Ramsbottom (Episode III): The Return of the Pork Pie, he somehow manages to kidnap the Roman Governor but then realises he doesn't know how to write a ransom demand.

I guess I'm trying to write books which can't be written by anyone else. And maybe they shouldn't be.
There are no photos of me anywhere on the Net (that I know of). I'm very shy. I don't Tweet or even have a mobile phone- I write books.

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Aug 14, 2014
by: Psymon H

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