Cognata: A Vampire Romance

by Jedaiah Ramnarine

ASIN: B0192E5L44

ASIN: B0192E5L44

ASIN: B0192E5L44

From The #1 Bestselling Author of Nyxe, comes Cognata - The Latest Vampire Romance Novel like no other.

Discover Vampires in a New, Extraordinary Premiere.

Sam finally meets the girl of his dreams in person, his online girlfriend Alexia, but she unveils a dark secret - she's a living, breathing vampire and to take that a step further, she was the former queen of the damned. Torn between his love for her and the inability to believe her outlandish claims, he finds himself driven by his heart to uncover the forbidden truths behind Alexia and the shadow world she's dabbled in that has secretly controlled mankind since the dawn of our modern civilization.

So, is she insane or is this all for real? Toss her perfect features aside and maybe, it's a bit of both. Sam is about to find himself right at the beginning of a no-brakes rollercoaster that might just end up costing him his life, all because of his, aching, blood-soaked heart.

Silly humans...

Available On Kindle & in Paperback

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By Daniel on January 3, 2016

I was skeptical of buying this book at first, as I'm not really a fan of the whole vampire thing - until now. Unlike many other works of vampire fiction, the nightwalkers bare a great many similarities to humans, all while retaining enough mysticism to let you know they are still different from you and me.

From the sprawling expanses of the Byzantine Empire, all the way up to the technological marvels of our modern era, Cognata sinks its fangs deep into you and leaves a lasting mark. Across centuries, a sinister plot is unveiled. One that could so easily happen in our world that it's frightening. We learn of the elusive origins of the Cognata and how the once united species split off into several factions.

But oh, the meat of this story is in the characterizations themselves. Jedaiah has created some truly powerful characters here, from the mysterious and suave Aristide, to the loyal and loving Sam, to the tough and stoic Sergei, each character is strong enough to have an entire book written about them alone.

That's not to say anything of the main character in this tale, Alexia, who may be the most powerful female character I have ever seen in a work of fiction. No, I'm not talking about physical strength or abilities, I'm talking about her presence as a character. We get a deep look into all her strengths and flaws - from the elegant way she carries herself, to the limitless love she holds within, to the sliver of darkness that lurks deep inside, we see every facet of what makes this woman. Never have I been so drawn to a character as with Alexia. To sum it up, she's a work of magic.

Jedaiah's prose bleeds various different flavors of personality depending on the character that is focused on at the time, which is, I think, is what makes this book stick out the most. Your heart will race right along with Alexia and Sam as they face their trials and tribulations.
Those who choose not to buy this book are doing themselves a disservice. If you've been looking for a strong female protagonist, this is a shining star.


Spark becomes a flame.
Flame becomes a fire.
Forge a blade to slay the stranger.
Take whatever we desire.
Moved by will alone.

Pure as we begin.

Pure as we begin.
Move by will alone.
Leave as we come in.
Pure as light return to one.

Move by will alone.

twitter: @Jedaiahx

~~Founder of Psi.Raise Creative Studios~~

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ISBN-10: 1523299061
ISBN-13: 978-1523299065

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Jan 15, 2016
by: Psymon H

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