Cocktails And Mixed Drinks: Texas Jack's Famous "How to Make Infused Vodka" Recipe Book

by Dennis Waller

Cocktails And Mixed Drinks: Texas Jack's Famous "How to Make Infused Vodka" Recipe Book - Over 70 Simple to Make Recipes.

Are you tired of the same old boring drinks made with the same old flavored vodkas bought from the store? Are you looking for something new, exciting, or different? Something that will not only impress your friends and family but you too? Would you like to have your own “Signature” vodka that folks will desire? The prefect gift that they would want to have for their birthday, holidays, or any other special occasion? Then folks, this is the book for you. Texas Jack’s “How to Make Infused Vodka” Recipe Book will have you on the path to making delightfully new flavors of infused vodka in no time. Yep, with this book the only limit to what you can create is your imagination. Join the Texas Jack Nation of fun food and drink today!

Infused vodkas have become very popular over the last few years. In fact, some would call it a rage within the industry. One look down the vodka aisle at any local liquor store will confirm that. From vanilla, root beer, marshmallow, to bacon, whatever you can think of, it’s available at a store somewhere. Now days when you walk into a liquor store, there are entire rows dedicated to all the flavored vodkas produced by the leading makers of quality vodka. Some of these infused vodkas sell for a pretty penny too.

Well, good old Texas Jack has some great news for you. There is no need to buy these infused vodkas at the store. No sir. Infused vodkas are incredibly simple to make, even if you have no cooking skills. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between an egg flipper and a whisk, you’ll be making your own infused vodka in no time. They are simple and relatively affordable to make. The only limit to creating your very own exotic flavors is your imagination.

Texas Jack's "How to Make Infused Vodka" Recipe Book offers over 70 simple recipes that are easy to make including unique flavor combinations like the "Sunday Morning Coming Down" infused vodka in honor of Johnny Cash. Including recipes for fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, candy, and more, this is one comprehensive recipe book that will keep you knee deep in flavored vodka, that's for sure.

And if you have a hankering for more, check out Texas Jack's Famous Apple Cider Recipes: (How to Make Sweet and Hard Cider. Recipes for Smoothies, Sweet Cider Punch, and Hot Sweet Cider Drinks) for some delicious sweet and hard apple cider.

Texas Jack's Famous "How to Make Infused Vodka" Recipe Book Is Available On Kindle, In Paperback And Free With Kindle Unlimited.


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This is my second Texas Jack recipe book, and again a great read for those of us that enjoy experimenting with delightful flavors! I have tried to "flavor" vodka in the past but really did not have that great success. The information on the history of vodka was pretty cool too. The fact that they found a way to strengthen alcohol by freezing seems obvious, but it was something I had never thought of before this reading. There are so many flavors to try here, I can't wait to get started. Well done again, Texas Jack, well done!!!

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Jun 16, 2015
by: Psymon H

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