#ChristianFiction: The Hitchhiker

by Elle Bee
(San Antonio, Texas, United states)

The Hitchhiker Cover

The Hitchhiker Cover

Author Elle Bee

A little about me: I was born in San Antonio, Texas. At a young age I discovered my talent for writing and knew, one day, it would be my career. Soon, however, that desire was pushed aside as I entered high school, graduated, and moved on.

No matter where I lived, everything transformed into a story before my eyes. Simple nights working at the coffee shop could easily be turned into grand adventures. As well as a day working in the yard with children, and other "mundane" tasks. I was never without a good story.

In 2011, I finally buckled down and started typing out and saving my stories. Although, It wasn't until I took a trip across the world that I gathered the courage to share my writing with others.

A little about The Hitchhiker: Coop is your average 22 year old male. He loves pizza, junk food, and adventure. His only problem is, when he touches you...he can read your mind?

To better understand his "gift" he takes to the road and begins hitchhiking. However, after a hitchhiking experience gone wrong, he wakes up in a hospital bed with a mission he is sure came from God. A mission that means life or death for a new friend. Will this gift that he has frequently hated be what God has given him to succeed?

A Teaser: "'Waaaaaake up!!!' The shout came from somewhere, but considering I was still

completely incoherent, that somewhere was everywhere. To my left, right, above me

and even below me. It appeared to vibrate my pillows and shake my blankets.

I sat up with a start and forced my eyes to open. The movement gave me an

instant headache and I wanted nothing more than to lie back down and hide under my

pillow. But my interest had been peeked and I needed to know what was going on. I

looked over to Crank’s bed and saw him sitting up, looking just as tired, if not more, than

me. He was frowning as his eyes scanned the room for the obnoxious noise.

I heard scuffling on the floor and looked down to see Barney crawling around

on all fours. He was obviously chasing something as he spastically moved towards

the desk, clumsily turned, headed towards the bathroom, and then headed towards

the door. He looked like a cat chasing a mouse as his hands reached for his prey but

repeatedly missed by a hair. He looked rather ridiculous with his hair standing in all

directions, mismatched pajamas and one sock. I supposed the other one had been lost

during the night.

“Waaaaake up!” The noise came from whatever Barney was chasing around

the room. I tried to focus on the thing, but I was exhausted and my eyes were still half

closed, refusing to open all the way.

“What the…?” Crank was just as loud as the object running around the floor

screaming at us. However, he was angry at being disturbed from his slumber and

was much scarier than the mysterious object. He currently appeared to be looking for

something to smash. The wall was his victim as he slammed his fist into it. He didn’t

even flinch at the pain of busting through a wall and denting the wood stud behind it.

“Waaaaaake up!” The thing screeched as it came rolling towards my bed. I found

my coordination and reached down. I scooped the bright orange screaming ball up and

examined it. It was an alarm clock. The most annoying one I had EVER seen in my

whole life. Of that, I was positive. I searched the thing for an off button, but to no avail.

Finally, after having my eardrums blown off and feeling like I was Crank’s next target, I

conceded to just taking the batteries out. I looked down at Barney. He was sitting on the

floor by my bed looking apologetic.

Crank jumped out of his bed, grabbed the clock from me and threw it into the wall

where it stayed stuck in the middle of the plaster."

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Jan 02, 2014
by: Psymon H

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