#ChristianFiction: Chloe

by Cleveland O. McLeish

Will grab your attention from start to finish

Will grab your attention from start to finish

Will grab your attention from start to finish
Cleveland O. McLeish is a published author and a multi-award-winning playwright and screenwrite

A young woman facing growing psychological issues comes to grips with her abusive past while trying to establish herself as a writer.


Chloe Cleopatra Taylor wants to be an author. Only one thing stands in her way: Her “undead” father. Chloe has been seeing the man, who supposedly died twenty-four years ago, around town ever since she accepted Jesus Christ as her lord and savior. Last time she checked, she did not sign up to see dead people. Do all new believers experience things like this?

Between Chloe’s newfound faith and her horrible relationship with her drunken mother, Chloe isn’t sure where to turn to or who to tell. James Jones is madly in love with her, but he has limits on what he can take. Even her therapist is making her feel crazy.

Chloe soon finds herself a stranger in her home town, unable to convince anyone else that something is desperately wrong.

Why are there giant gaps in her memory? How does she arrive in places she does not remember going to? And why is she the only one who thinks the inability to dream or die is something to be concerned about?
Eventually, Chloe finds immeasurable success as a screenwriter. Her writing changes the world and millions of people across the globe are touched by her gift. But on the way to fame, and forgetting about her eerie experiences, she also discovers a terrible truth that will take it all away.

About the Author:

Cleveland O. McLeish is a published author and a multi-award-winning playwright and screenwriter, who considers himself one of God’s modern-day scribes. He has penned over 100 plays and several screenplays, some of which have won Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals in competition, including the Screenplay Chloe Cleopatra Taylor on which this novel is based.

He is also a youth director and lay minister in the Church of God of Prophecy in Jamaica. He is a born Jamaican living in Kingston with his lovely wife, Nordia.

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What Readers Are Say About This Title:

I enjoyed reading this novel. The characters and story line were well developed. Not the usual 'good girl gone bad...then decides to change after a tragic event.' Will grab your attention from start to finish. The author's message though not 'in your face' is quite clear. A definite must read for the summer.


The summary of this book was a little vague about the novel itself but the writing was amazing. I don't agree with the message of this book and I think some of its points are a bit of a stretch, but that doesn't mean that the story didn't catch me by surprise and present an argument that was not only concise but well written.

Instead of shoving points of view in your face, it guides you through a scenario that is a valid way to approach this topic. (I won't spoil it for you future readers)I didn't realize the impact of what was going to happen to the characters until it really hit me and I realized the intent of the story. It did make me think for a moment about my own personal beliefs and though they differ than what is in the book, I still think it's a good read because of how thought out and well written it is.

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Oct 15, 2013
by: Psymon H

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