#Christian #NonFiction: To Be - An Inspiration

by Carl J. Painter

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Front Cover

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Free on Kindle 13th - 15th August 2014

To Be: An Inspiration is a book of some of the visions and revelations received by the author, which led him to find the truth that lies beyond the shadow of any doubt in our mind, where there is no question, only knowing. Its purpose, is to be a 'little light' reading. To encourage and inspire the reader to seek out the undiscovered realm that lies beyond their wildest imagination. That Image-Nation of Eternal Love, the Kingdom of God. Shakespeare's famous speech from Hamlet, To Be or Not To Be, is the sub-theme of this book.

After walking about a hundred metres along the track, with damp grass up to our knees, we suddenly came upon a clearing with an old timber house in the middle of it. We walked up the steps to the front door and peeked in through the windows. The house appeared to have been vacant for some time, as we could not see any furniture and the rooms appeared very dusty.
Andrew tried the handle and to our surprise it was unlocked, so we went in. As we walked through the house, it was obvious that no-one had been there for some time. There was a heavy layer of dust on everything and cobwebs in all the corners. I started looking through the kitchen cupboards while Andrew continued toward the back of the house. I found nothing in the cupboards and as I started to leave the kitchen Andrew called out, "Hey, come and look at this, you’re not going to believe it!"
I walked quickly along the hallway to the room where he was and he was right, it was difficult to believe what we saw. There, in this very dusty, cobweb-ridden, vacant house was a bedroom that was not only completely free of dust and cobwebs, it was also furnished with two single beds that were perfectly made with fresh, crisp, clean sheets and pillows. On the bedside table between the beds, stood a candle that had never been lit and a brand new, unopened box of matches.
It made our spines tingle and we couldn't sleep, spending the rest of the night reading and discussing scriptures from Andrew's bible by candlelight, until the first light of dawn.

Author Bio:
At the age of three, I began to receive visions and in 1983, at twenty years of age, I migrated to Australia and eventually became a citizen in 2014. After an encounter with God in 1984, I sold my business and gave away everything I owned and travelled around Australia, living by faith and God's gracious providence.
I have received many visions and revelations during the course of my life and when people ask why, my only response can be, "I asked God that once and He said 'Had to be someone, just happens to be you'".

Also Available In Paperback

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Aug 11, 2014
by: Psymon H

BCBC would like to thank you for promoting your title through our Readers Lounge. Be. Be sure to check out the Book Promotion gigs that have worked really well for some of our authors.

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