Christian Living, Marriage: Best Christian Marriage Counselling

by Thomas A. Williard

Christian Living, Marriage: Best Christian Marriage Counselling - The Complete Guide to Have a Happy Marriage: Learn Step by Step Everything You Need to Know About a Happy Relationship & Christian Marriage

Afraid of The Loneliness and Hurt
That Comes From An Unhappy Marriage?

Avoid All That and Learn How To
Build A Marriage of Love and Happiness.
It’s Possible! Keep Reading To Learn How You Can Accomplish It…

We’ve all seen it and maybe even experienced it. The grief that can come with a relationship. Have you ever suffered the effects of an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage? Our crazy, hectic lives put a lot of stress and strain on a marriage and it affects the whole family.

If this isn’t addressed properly, or if habits and effective methods of communication aren’t put in place, you’ll end up in a marriage where you’re asking yourself if it was a good idea in the first place, feeling lonely, fearful, and hurt.

Instead, imagine yourself happy and fulfilled, knowing that if something comes up, you can easily talk to your partner and you’ll be respected and loved for it, even if they disagree. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That’s exactly what I’d like to have happen for you! That’s also why I’ve used my 15 years of experience as a pastor helping Christian couples like you, to write a special book guiding you to do just that. I want you to have a marriage where both of you communicate openly and where both feel loved and respected, just as much as you want it!

Marriage Is About Becoming One, But How Do You DO That?

We’re not really taught these things. Whether you’re about to be married, or have been married for some time, marriage is a beautiful thing. It unites two as one and that takes some practice and some introspection.

But first, if you are just getting married, congratulations! You’re about to make a decision that will change your life and help you to grow as a person. This book will get you off on the right foot and help you discover things and set habits now that will avoid problems down the road.

Or if you’re already in those problems and feel lost, lonely, and unhappy in your marriage, this book will help you fix them. It is designed to help you get your footing, to put you and your partner on the same page, and to help you open the doors to communication, acceptance and love.

Ego Vs. Love

Unfortunately, the unison of marriage can often cause problems as time goes by, mainly because of the same factors that help you grow: learning to manage and express expectations (some of which you may not have realized you have), to make compromises, to give up some control or take some control, learning to forgive and be forgiven.

In other words, becoming one requires, as the book explains, “a delicate balance between the ego and love.”

You’ll Learn To Become One Following The Words Within These Pages.

Inside you’ll find:

•Detailed activities that will create openness, connection, and even intimacy through careful and loving communication.

•Important questions you must be asking in order to solve a lot of problems and avoid future ones

•Game-changing wisdom that, when applied will help you stay on the path to a happy marriage

•Tips on how to discover and set priorities as a couple, ensuring you’re working for and focused on the same things

•The keys to communicating effectively, the ultimate secret to any happy marriage

•How to determine who does what in and out of the house, helping to again, open that communication and give both of you an appreciation for the other

•Guided questions to help you address difficult subjects like money, family, religion or sex without arguments or judgment

•That it’s possible to be honest and clear about who you are & what you want, how to share that with your spouse, and accept the same from them.

•How to find a middle ground, putting you both on the same page, bringing respect for both of you.

•Exactly what you need to look for in a marriage counselor and why counseling can be so helpful. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s the opposite, and inside you’ll find everything you need to know.

•Warning signs you need to spot before things get too far down the road, so that you avoid potential problems and nip potential ones in the bud, saving you pain, grief, fear, and worry.

•How to disagree with respect and love, to avoid the pain of huge battles and the resentment and anger they create.
•How to handle children when you disagree. Instead of instilling fear and hurt, you’ll learn to give them peace of mind, security and love.

•How to prepare for children and what changes to expect in the marriage when they come. Being prepared will keep both of you on even ground and will help you avoid pitfalls, blame, bitter fights.

•Many more things to help you grow and keep a happy marriage!

God is on your side and wants to help you have a wonderful marriage. He’s designed us to be happy and to be unified as couples for a reason. As you turn to Him, with this book guiding you in opening communication and helping you take your next steps, you will…

Have a clear vision as to want you really want, need and hope for

Be able to express those things to your partner and hear their side too

And find a middle ground and learn to build love, appreciation, and respect.

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Most Helpful Reader Reviews

This book is a game changer. If you are struggling with reconciling your feelings about God's love and your marriage, and you don't know what you really want or think about your marriage's future - This is your book" - Rupoma

This book has wonderful tips and advice on how to save your marriage and it is so easy to understand" - Magicwanda

Very good book written from a Biblical perspective but with the wisdom and honesty you don't often find in typical Christian marriage books" - Marilyn T. Stpierre

I have a new out look on my marriage now. If you’re struggling in your marriage, this book is for you and is a way to find the peace and harmony you seek. I highly recommend it" - David

Author Bio

As a pastor for the past fifteen years, Thomas A .Williard guided various couples to overcome their issues and have a successful marriage. His mission is to assist couples overcome issues and complications in one of the most important spheres of relationships.

Why not take you first step today and
start building a happy and loving marriage now?

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