Christian Inspiration: Free To Be Me

by Pastor Joey Bauer

God Has Made You Different Than Anybody Else

God Has Made You Different Than Anybody Else

Do you feel like being you isnt good enough? Do you think that you have to be somebody different to achieve happiness? Maybe you feel like you just dont add up or you dont matter?

If ANY of these areas apply then, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! "Free to be Me" is a great book on the topic of Individuality. It talks about how God has made you different than anybody else, and how you please God just by being true to who you really are. Maybe you like to do things different then most, God still loves you! Maybe you look, act and talk different than anybody else, God still loves you! YOu were meant to always be yourself and to be happy with who you are.

Dont conform, just be content. This book will help you realize how special you are and how the personality and life you live, is all part of Gods plan in doing great things! If you are FREE TO BE YOU, than you are Pleasing God!

Free to be the best you December 26, 2012
By Gupta V.
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Review

We live in a time of uncertainty and unhappiness. At the core of this unhappiness is a feeling that many people feel, but can not identify.

In a very real way, the world is constantly telling us we are wrong. If we feel down, we are depressed and need medication, if we are socially quirky, we are labeled with autism, if our Body Mass Index is in the high range, we are labeled overweight. Children are labeled. Teenagers are labeled.

Adults are labeled and all these labels simply say that we are not okay. Free to be me is a must read for any and every person who has had to deal with the labels placed on us by society everyday. These labels imprison us and Pastor Joey Bauer, with his book, can set us all free. Free to be Me is the book you have been looking for, you won't regret the read.

Pastor Joey Bauer was born in Stockton, Ca in 1987 to a world that most people said he "Wasn't ready for," but in all honesty the world "Wasn't ready for him."

Joey was born with a Genetic disorder of Complex Tourette's Syndrome. He lived life with a lot of learning disabilities, pains, aches and medical ailment but instead of being held back by them, he used them to catapult his life into one that would hopefully show that anybody can live a life without limits, even if others try to hold you to those limits.

Joey was in and out of the juvenile justice system and the mental health system throughout his life and was able to overcome it all with the inspiration of his Christian Faith. Around ten years now Pastor Joey Bauer has been a mentor, pastor, counselor, and public speaker to people of all ages, and cultures.

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Jun 14, 2013
Free To Be Me
by: Psymon H

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