Christian Historical Romance: Charity Gives Her Heart

by Annie Boone



Charity Gives Her Heart: A Sweet Christian Historical Romance (The Parson's Daughters Series Book 3) Kindle Edition...Free With Kindle Unlimited

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Charity is the youngest sister of Faith and Hope. She's lived in their shadow all her life. But she shines so brightly on her own. Her spirit is sweet and loving. She's a peacemaker and a leader in her church.

Who could be a better match for this parson's daughter than a parson's son? Eli has accepted God's call to the ministry just like his father. He's passionate about caring for those who need him and God's love. When he meets Charity for the first time, there are definitely sparks.

Trouble is, when tough decisions need to be made, these two are too afraid to make good choices. They fall back to old ways. It's a rocky road when Eli leaves town to go to the church he is expected to lead. Charity meets new suitors and Eli doesn't keep in touch.

How can this young couple find their way back on to the path that God has shown them?


Annie Boone writes sweet and clean romance stories. You'll never find sex before marriage, adultery, or foul language in her books.

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Charity was so sweet, but it was true, she thought of everyone before herself. Not that that's wrong but sometimes we must think about ourselves. Eli and her clicked right from the start, however I think Eli was so set on doing what he thought others expected of him that he too failed to reach out for what he truly wanted, that was Charity!

Thankfully his father saw the problem and did something about it, otherwise it may have ended badly.

Domonic was sweet after he changed, and I am proud of him for making the changes, and realizing that Charity loved Eli with all her heart. It was so loving of him to wish her well and happiness.

Please read the story and see the challenges each of them faced, I'm sure you'll like it as much as I have. In fact I've already read it twice.


Annie Boone
grew up going to museums and watching historical movies with her family. Her dad was a history buff and then she married a history buff. Her vow to never watch another historical movie or go to a Civil War museum again fell by the wayside.

Annie has been writing romance since high school and she loves to write Western Christian Romance stories today. Weaving a Christian element into her stories helps her be constantly reminded of her own faith.

Annie enjoys naming her characters and she does this at the start of her writing process. Many of the characters in her stories are named after people who have been or are currently important in her life. For example, Viola in "Don't Fence Him In" is named after her paternal grandmother and Frederick is named after her father-in-law. Neither character is based on their personalities, but she used their names as a tiny tribute.

When you read an Annie Boone story, you won't be pounded with scriptures, but the characters - at least most of them! - are God fearing people. They trust in God to help them through life's twists and turns as many of us do today.

Annie lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two cats. She is fortunate to travel often to the West. Her favorite places are Wyoming and Arizona.

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Feb 25, 2016
by: Psymon H

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