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It’s great to have Christian books to read with a free chapter before you buy.  

The book titled ‘Scripture Memorization Made Possible’ by Leilani Charis, helps move beyond rote to memorize large portions of scripture.

Available On kindle, In Paperback And Free With Kindle Unlimited.


 Have you ever wanted to memorize whole sections, chapters and books of the Bible but discovered that rote wasn't working so well? And tools such as mnemonics or the "memory palace" were taking away the focus on the story and the meaning in Scripture? Our brains are keen at memorization and these begin with techniques used in every day life that we don't even think about. Learn the foundational footholds and the nuts and bolts of memorization that will boost your ability to study, memorize and RETAIN large portions of Scripture. The fruit is that His Word is even more positioned to dwell in us richly and to be a blessing to many. 

- Learn how to memorize the way your brain remembers
- Discover how to memorize even the lists, including genealogies
- Understand why forgetting is an important part of remembering

The times are moving to a direction where God's people need to know the Scripture more than ever before, while at the same time engagement with the Scriptures is falling to the side. The tide can be turned. Let it begin with you storing His word in your heart.

Free Chapter

It was a soldier’s worst nightmare.  Howard Rutledge was flying his fighter plane in the middle of a heated dogfight.  Suddenly his plane exploded and began spinning wildly out of control.  Frantically he reached for the cord to eject from the plane but the erratic spinning and rapid descent made it nearly impossible.  After several wild attempts he managed to latch onto the handle and pull.  His seat ejected and his parachute deployed.  For the first time in years he thanked the Lord as he gently descended to the earth among the mayhem.

But his relief was short-lived.  As he neared the ground he realized he was landing in a field close to the enemy.  As soon as he hit the ground he was surrounded and outnumbered by angry villagers who had watched his descent.   They attacked him, stripped him down and carried him off to a Prisoner of War compound.

His stay in the prison camp would forever mark his life.   It was more horrific than he could have ever imagined.   For seven years he endured agonizing starvation, repeated torture and worst of all—isolation. The hard part was never knowing when or even if his misery was going to end.  But in this dark

season of the soul Howard discovered a gold mine of truth.

“The sights and sounds and smells of death were all around me.  My hunger for spiritual food soon outdid my hunger for a steak…I had completely neglected the spiritual dimension of my life.  It took prison to show me how empty life is without God, and so I had to go back in my memory to those Sunday-school days in Tulsa, Oklahoma.” 

Howard came to realize that his hunger for spiritual food was not just his own.  In the brief seconds that prisoners passed each other between cells they would quickly exchange verses of Scripture or parts of hymns.  One day a fellow prisoner remembered the story of Ruth and Naomi.  It was if they had been given a gourmet feast as Howard the others fed off this story for days, meditating on those precious words.  Together the prisoners formed a “living Bible” as they worked to piece together what they remembered from memory.

“How I struggled to recall those Scriptures and hymns! I had spent my first eighteen years in a Southern Baptist Sunday school, and I was amazed at how much I could recall. Regrettably, I had not seen then the importance of memorizing verses from the Bible, or learning gospel songs. Now, when I needed them, it was too late. I never dreamed that I would spend almost seven years (five of them in solitary confinement) in a prison…or that thinking about one memorized verse could have made the whole day bearable.

One portion of a verse I did remember was, ‘Thy word have I hid in my heart.’ How often I wished I had really worked hard to hide God’s Word in my heart… Remember, we weren’t playing games. The enemy knew that the best way to break a man’s resistance was to crush his spirit in a lonely cell.... All this talk of Scripture and hymns may seem boring to some, but it was the way we conquered our enemy and overcame the power of death around us.”

What One Readers Had To Say!

This book provides very practical steps on how to memorize Scripture. Leilani uses the method of creating a "film" in your mind, so that the right side of your brain is engaged (the side that deals with imagination, pictures, creativity). This enables the left hand side of your brain (which deals with the exact words) to work more effectively at remembering the exact words as they are associated to a story - the way we remember things naturally.

This got 5 stars due to succinct, practical chapters, that actually tell you how to memorize. You don't finish the book with questions, rather, you finish the book feeling equipped. 

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