Christian Books: My Life In Christ Booklet:

by Stephen Ongo



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My Life In Christ Booklet: From the My Life In Christ Discipleship Course.

Suppose you woke up one morning and you were now looking out into this world through the eyes of Jesus Himself.

Your thoughts of people are now His thoughts for people.

Your compassion is now His compassion.
Suppose you found yourself so possessed with Christ that when He moved you moved, your touch was His touch,
your hands were His hands because the two of you are now one.

You would be actually living in color Jesus’ own prayer in John 17.
You would now be “One with Christ”.
You would be experiencing life “in Christ”.

Well it’s no fairy tale it is what the Bible teaches and what Stephen Ongo experienced after tragedy took him through transformation to triumph.

Life In Christ or Abiding In Christ is a spiritual reality that can only be experienced to be realized. It is taught in the Bible and those two words; “in Christ” were even referred as Paul’s magnificent obsession.
Paul experienced this abundant life along with countless others.

It is the difference of a life living for Christ to a life living with Christ.

Stephen’s books are a snapshot into every area of life looking now from the “inside out” of what life now looks to those that are now living “in Christ”.
A life possessed with Christ everyday. Speaking words into people’s lives that only them and God know. Praying healing on their physical bodies and seeing them healed, leading them to Christ and His love and so much more.

That’s what “My Life In Christ series is all about.

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Aug 19, 2015
by: Psymon H

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