Christian Books: From The Fear of Voodoo To The Fear of God.

by Frantz Michel

Voodoo is all around us, spreading its deception in the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike. Many people are under the mistaken belief that it is a Christian religion, since more than 75% of its followers are also Catholics.

They teach others that voodoo is a means to God. But those with knowledge of that religion know that the opposite is, in fact, true; the voodoo priests are working for Lucifer and are blinded by the false promises of the devil. After being exposed to voodoo for more than 20 years, Frantz Michel author of “Can God Save Haiti?” learned the hard way about the ungodliness and deception therein. In his chef-d’oeuvre, From the Fear of Voodoo to the Fear of God, Michel submits some of his personal experiences and those of his family members and friends in the hope that they will help readers to overcome the fear of voodoo and do what God calls them to do.

Michel says, “As a native of Haiti and exposed to voodoo for more than 20 years, I am persuaded that I am well equipped to write about the subject of voodoo on all aspects. In fact, this is what Pastor Richard Sejour of Gateway Foursquare Church of Miami affirms: ‘Having grown up in a voodoo culture and having been personally involved in voodoo through family liaison, Mr. Michel is uniquely qualified to boldly speak and educate us on this subject.’”


Frantz Michel is a motivational speaker and the author of two books: “FROM THE FEAR OF VOODOO TO THE FEAR OF GOD” (2009) and “CAN GOD SAVE HAITI?” (2013). He has a passion for sustainable change and enjoys writing books/subjects that are uplifting, life-changing and controversial; nonetheless, real eye-opener for deceptions pervade this world. Frantz is a former executive writer for Croissance Info Mag (Haiti: 1996-2000) and Sensation Magazine (1999-2000). He is the current chief editor for his local Church newsletter (Gateway Newsletter) and a former Wednesdays & Sundays Bible teacher.

Frantz served as a police officer in Haiti from 1995-2000 and moved to Miami where later he became a Christian in 2005 and self- published his first aforementioned title in 2009 (see above). For now he is only writing nonfiction books but soon in time he will start publishing some fiction titles (Historical fiction/Romance). All the books will have a Christian focus seeking to declare God’s glory.
He loves justice and abhors the human abuse of others. Frantz enjoys being in front of an audience whether it is at Church, schools, book clubs or other social gatherings to motivate people with his well-crafted-life-changing sentences/speeches. He has appeared on several local radio shows sharing his religious beliefs and sharing his expert opinions about Haiti.

Following the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Frantz served as the translator for Haiti’s government interim team of reconstruction and the UM School of Architecture at a CHARRETTE in Little Haiti, Miami. Shortly after, he founded the ENFANT UTILE FOUNDATION (USEFUL CHILD FOUNDATION—HAITI) an organization seeking to fight poverty starting with education, hence its Motto: “Train to serve.” We want to empower our children rather than doing the usual: feeding them. We seek to break the cycle of poverty that hounds them. By providing access to education, learning of new skills and promoting pro-social behavior, we strive to make orphans and less fortunate kids not only happy but confident and well prepared to transition from childhood to adulthood with a future rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. We champion the importance of children. We seek to shape a generation of young people with Christian values and leadership qualities.

In his own words: “I am Haitian by birth, reside in the US by choice and a Christian by grace.”

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Nov 18, 2014
by: Psymon H

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