Christian Book: Horrors of Hell, Splendors of Heaven

by Dr. Michael H Yeager



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Christian Books: Horrors of Hell, Splendors of Heaven.

If you dare, open the pages of this book and enter into a world that is more horrifying then the human mind can ever imagine.

As you read Mike Yeager's experience of going to hell, do not be surprised, if what he felt, saw, and experienced does not begin to happen to you.

Discover why God created such a place; it's eternal ramifications, and what its ultimate purpose is. Many people have had asked, why hell? Most of these questions Dr. Yeager will answer in this book.

After you have gone to the gut wrenching realms of the damned, join Mike, as an angel takes him: physically into an amazing dimension of beauty, and nature; upon the sea of glass, right into the very throne room of God; and before the thunder and lightning’s of God's holy presence.

Your life will never be the same.

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By Eric C on September 2, 2013

I have the Kindle version of this book, and I must take sharp exception with the previous reviewer who gave this book one star and called it unverified nonsense. Please, this is so ignorant. This reviewer supposes that information can come only one way, through the five senses. Yet information can come into the human heart and mind through direct knowledge, called revelation knowledge. God can reveal things into your inner man, which the Bible calls the "hidden man of the heart."

In the book of Job, it says "there is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding." God is perfectly capable of giving any human being direct inspiration and understanding quite apart from the five senses, yet the previous reviewer assumes that unless he can see, hear, smell, taste or touch it, it is not real.

The previous reviewer is engaging in fallacious reasoning and unsophisticated nonsense. You can't see love, yet love is very real. You can't see hate, but hate is also real. Thought is invisible, yet it is real. So do not believe anyone who demands a sense-knowledge experience, this is absurd and such people are blind. And as Jesus said, the blind lead the blind and they will both fall into the ditch, so be wise and leave them alone.

What Dr. Yeager experienced was and is all too real. God loves us but He gave us a free will. With this will we can follow Jesus and make it to Heaven, or we can drift along with the world and slip into eternal Hell when the Silver Cord that holds us in this life is cut. Each one of us is but one single heartbeat away from eternity. Think about it.

Read, believe, and repent. The most important thing you will ever do in this short life is to accept Jesus and follow Him. This account gives a true word. We will all die, and on that day, we cannot use ignorance as an excuse. Years ago I was one who was ignorant of the things of God, but when I realized God was real, that there was a Heaven and a Hell, without delay I chose Heaven. Now really, isn't that a no-brainer? Follow Dr. Yeager's advice, make your peace with God through Jesus now, while you have the chance. For too soon it will be too late

Download Your $.99 Kindle Copy of - Horrors of Hell, Splendors of Heaven

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Mar 06, 2016
by: Psymon H

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