#ChildrensFantasy: Charlie and the Triclop

by Annie Allways

Charlie is a weak lad but all of this changes when he becomes engrossed in a bedtime story that his Father reads to him every night before going to sleep (and dreaming).

As the tale of the monstrous beast, the hero and the raven haired beauty unfolds, Charlie's imagination runs riot and whisks him into the story and gradually over the course of the tale, his health and confidence grows.

The monster is a 'Triclop', a nasty beast with 3 eyes - yes 3 eyes - and this beast seemingly appears and disappears at will in the vicinity of the mountain village of 'Tranoli' where it creates havoc, bedlam and destruction for the 'Nollites' (the villagers).

All seems lost and doomed for the 'Nollites' until a mysterious, young, strong, brave and handsome man appears on the scene.
Coincidentally this stranger is also called 'Charlie' and he promises to rid the villagers of this evil destructive nightmare of a beast.

During the ensuing fight and chaos, the villagers saviour; Charlie, falls for the beautiful raven haired 'Panasha' who returns his love.
Charlie the young lad poo hoo's the love angle of the tale but still imagines himself as the 'hero' of the story as his father enthrals him with the tales of the battles and exploits of Charlie the saviour.

Strangely enough, during the course of the story the two Charlie's do seem to become entwined and Charlie's Father notices the difference and improvement of his son's health as he continues with his nightly story telling.

As with all good stories, all eventually ends well and Charlie defeats the monster.
However, there is a twist at the end of the story as Charlie the boy - who is no longer weak and sickly - meets an unexpected new friend.
Coincidence or fate, who knows. Maybe you can answer the puzzle.

This is a very endearing tale of bravery, hope and love which triumphs over all adversities and helps a young boy grow in health and stature.
A story that warms the heart.

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Dec 12, 2013
Charlie and the Triclop
by: Psymon H

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