#ChildrensBook: The Little Book of Amazing African Animals

by Jess James

Did you know?

A female African Lion does most of the hunting
That a hippo can’t swim Elephant’s ears help them to stay cool

Giraffes can reach speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hourThat the Ostrich is the fastest animal on two legs

That the African Wild dog has an 80% success rate when it comes to hunting

This book takes children and adults on a delightful journey of discovery into Africa. Full of interesting and fun facts that gives the reader a greater understanding of the diverse and wonderful wildlife of Africa.

Innovative and packed full of pictures and twenty different breeds, watch as your children become captivated by the stunning African Animals that we have all come to love.

Filled with beautiful pictures of African animals, this book is perfect for very young children and also older children.

In this book of Animals from Africa you will learn about the varied wildlife that inhabits the forests and plains of Africa including:
1. Lion
2. Elephant
3. Giraffe
4. Somali Ostrich
5. Lelwel Hartebeest
6. African Wild Dog
7. Spotted Hyena
8. Meerkat
9. Leopard
10. Hippopotamus
11. Nile Crocodile
12. Rhinoceros
13. Buffalo
14. Cheetah
15. Aardvark
16. Honey badger
17. Mountain Gorilla
18. Kudu
19. Sable
20. Warthog

Filled with over 20 pictures and a list of animals that are native to Africa, this book is regarded as an animal encyclopaedia for children. Your child will become an African Animal expert in no time.

This is the first book of The Little Book of Amazing Animal Series.

Download Your Kindle Copy of: The Little Book of Amazing African Animals: Facts for Kids (The Little Book of Amazing Animals)

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May 07, 2014
by: Psymon H

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